• 僕の彼女はサイボーグ

    12 jui. 2010, 20h42m par jinyeong

    group: Hi-Fi CAMP
    song: キズナ/kizuna (bond)
    lyric: KIM・SOYA
    composer : Hi-Fi CAM
    translation from: makikawaii

    When the eastern sky brightens, you remember the word
    You begin to cry before me, and when they gave it to me, I even sink in tears too
    No matter the expression sheds tears,lacks,erases, and what it will exist after,
    You still get to laugh at it

    A cold rain is sometimes intensely striking at us,
    But If we just look at the sky, we will be alright

    We rembember the days that does not change and we bond it with,
    Tears and joy that are definitely irreplaceable

    We always look up at the sky that spread out,
    but why tears are flowing
    Somehow, they remember the song
    that has not changed even in its parts, that will still exist and
    Memories are here

    Goodbye to the game-ending journey that still tighten into my chest
    So definitely will face tomorrow surely and safe

    Inside this hand, we can still talk in a blue dream
    So let's give up our tears, with laughter