• Dandelion Radio - April 2015

    1 avr. 2015, 12h08m par DandelionRadio

    Kevin Robinson:
    Pack your bags; we're visiting all corners of the globe this April. We begin with a selection from Radio Vietnam - a collage of music, news segments, dynamic radio bumpers, jingles, advertisements, comedic interludes phoned-in karaoke sing-a-longs and coded messages from the outer ether, recorded and compiled by Mark Gergis for Sublime Frequencies. This programme also contains the vocal talents of seven year old singer Francis The Great, as well as music from South Africa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and from the Jemaa El Fna in Marrakesh.
    Dancefloor driven tracks this month arrive from Rotterdam's Stranger, Shanghai's Tzusing and Texas via Berlin's Lotic. We've got the phantasmagorical spectacle of Snapped Ankles, plus new tracks from Finland's Tsembla, Powell, Djrum and DVA Damas.
    There's the gender problematizing goth dance band bottoms from Brooklyn, sax fuelled punk from Rhode Island's Downtown Boys, something that isn't Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses…
  • Top 50 stuff #2

    6 jan. 2015, 13h31m par melkmeintogepi

    01. What's your favourite song by no.27? Jeff Buckey
    Would have to be “Grace”. Love the grungy sound, love the emotional intensity, overall it’s a fantastic tune!

    02. Do you own any album of no.8? Bob Dylan
    Quite a few. Too many to list, Discogs says 15. Snap, looking on Discogs I realized I own “Saved!” but have not put it up there. That makes 16!

    03. Do you think you might become a fan of no.33 in the future? Azure Ray
    For many other artists in my top 50 that’d be a strange question to ask but for Azure Ray it fits sort of. I like “Drawing Down The Moon” a lot, their latest album sounded sweet as well but their older stuff never quite got me. Who knows, if I find a cheap copy of some older album I’ll get it and might like it. But “fan”? I don’t know…

    04. How did you get into no.15? Nick Drake
    That’s a story I probably share with thousands of others: The Volkswagen-commercial that had “Pink Moon” playing in the background. …
  • Finds for the Week - and Hefner

    13 nov. 2012, 4h30m par prominence_la

    It's official: I love Hefner. They weren't kiddin' when they called themselves "Britain's Largest Small Band"! However, as dynamic as Hefner is, that's not what I'm writing about tonight. No, the spotlight's on two other artists - who, directly and marginally, are linked to Hefner! Ready?

    Jack Hayter - Hayter can don many hats: multi-instrumentalist for Hefner, ditto for Spongefinger, steel pedal guitar session player. Now this talented dude can claim another title: alternate folk soloist! And my, oh my, what a lovely hat that is. Have you heard I Stole The Cutty Sark yet? A balm to cure all wounds, I'm telling you; nothing'll soothe your worried mind like that charming fiddle paired with Hayter's friendly vocals.
    EDIT: I'm actually referring to the Dandelion Radio Session version. The album version is a bit more off-kilter, but lovely in its own rustic fashion. (Who can say no to singing saws?)

    Lately, though, the man's been causing quite the buzz for his The Sisters of St.
  • Dandelion Radio - May 2012 shows

    30 avr. 2012, 9h07m par DandelionRadio

    Andrew Morrison:
    Andy's 2-hour May show features the second session for his show from former Hefner member Jack Hayter. New music includes Breton, The Twilight Sad, Rival Consoles, Mint Julep, Yeti Lane, Errors and Scuba. Teresa has a Tasty Tip; Scott picks a Funky Five Minutes; plus there a classic session track from July 2010 by Block 45, now known as ?REDO FROM START.

    Jeff Grainger:
    Jeff pops in for an hour during May to delight our ears with songs by Group Doueh, The Real Don Steele, Death and Vanilla, Organs of Love & Madteo amongst others. There's the very welcome return, to the show, of our dear friends wolfram wire and Alisia Casper. Plus, in anticipation of Stranger Son of WB's exclusive session next month, there's a track from the rather brilliant Luna Marseille LP.

    This show sees Marcelle play her usual mix of vinyl: lots of new releases and some reissues. There's a great post-punk compilation on Caroline True Records, some gospel and African music from the Mississippi label…
  •!! playlist --2011 08 25--

    2 sept. 2011, 19h03m par Hoshwa

    heyyy had local band The Internet on the show. google+ that suckas!
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    You Got It Gurl - Dirty Mouth
    Shine. - wounded knees
    The Reverse Pollard - The Cryogenic Strawberries - Distant Trains
    Newest Apples - Goat Wizard
    Let it Go - Orca Team
    Don't Wait - Homeowners

    LIVE: The Internet

    Confidence Killer - Fuzz Lightyear
    Write Me a Letter - Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside
    GhostKid - School Knights
    Everything's The Same - The Ovens
    Your Glow - Whitman
    Bitter Moon - Icy Demons
    Purple Threat - Uncle Wiggly
    The Hymn for the Coffee - Hefner
    Art School - Bottlerocket
    Fine And Dandy - Bikeride
    The Pony Song - Au Revoir Simone
    Haven't You Got Anywhere Left You Can Run To? - ANT
    Where To Place Yr Trust - Boyracer
    The Sound of Paul - Kleenex Girl Wonder
    Video Games - Laptop Revolution
  • Mask 9 interview June 2011.

    30 août 2011, 7h51m par antonyharding

    I like to draw a line from the start to the end. - Ant

    Ant的第一次酒吧现场演出是在伦敦的12 Bar Club,这个在他的描述里非常小的酒吧。一个人的脚步是如何在某处暂停的,这一定基于和他人的缘分。在12 Bar Club,他结实了同为歌手的Suzanne Rhatigan,她在Ant游唱的起点站中,给与了很多帮助和支持。在十四年之后谈到Suzanne,Ant还是心怀感谢。
    Ant与同在英国肯特的Art College(艺术学校)上学的Darren Hayman成立过一支名为Hefner的乐队,Ant是Hefner的鼓手及和声,Darren Hayman则是乐队的吉他和键盘。这支乐队曾在英国小有名气,但由于之后Hefner的解散,两人开始以合作的方式制作各自的独立音乐。关于乐队是否还会出现在大家面前,2011年Darren的专辑 A Soft Place 中的 The Band that Don't Reform 一曲中,两个人颇为有趣的解答了这个问题。而Ant自己正在筹备的今年发行的一张专辑,Darren作为这张专辑的制作人也参与到其中。
    在我能想到的最浪漫的事莫过于跋山涉水,然后伴在爱人的那座城与之一朝一夕。Ant从英国的怀特岛一路游历来到爱人的身边-瑞典,他曾在2000年参加过当地的Emmaboda Festival,且被P3 Radio录制,之后在瑞典的国家广播电台(National Swedish Radio)播放过很多次,得到了较高的关注和支持。


    和挪威的Eivind Kirkeby合作的音乐项目一直持续至今,有意思的是Ant和Eivind Kirkeby两人都未曾见过面。他们于2007年合作过…
  • Global Times interview June 2011.

    29 août 2011, 21h27m par antonyharding

    Solo musician begins his first China tour.

    Global Times. June 16th 2011. By Jiang Wanjuan.

    Like many foreign musicians who try to enter the Chinese market, Antony Harding, who plays under the name of ANT, is thrilled to have his first ever solo tour in China.
    Harding, still best known as the drummer of London band Hefner, started to play independently as ANT 12 years ago. He says China is one country he never thought he would see.
    "I am still pinching myself," he told the Global Times. "China is such a big country; if you can make it there you'll be laughing! Even Bob Dylan has had a go. I hope my first tour is a success and that no one is laughing!" he added.
    In his opening show tonight at Beijing's The One Club, Harding will perform songs from his second, and best-known, album Footprints Through the Snow, plus a mixture of old and new material.
    For someone of his height (just 194cm), Harding has an unusual voice that one Chinese listener described as "beautiful and clean" on douban. …
  • lisas

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  • Dandelion Radio - June 2011 shows

    31 mai 2011, 21h43m par DandelionRadio

    Birthday Special:
    A special show to celebrate the first five years of Dandelion Radio. Our DJs select tunes - and session tracks recorded just for us - that have been important to them over their time at the station, including Block 45, Paul Rooney, Lord Numb, Broadcast and The Focus Group, Cobson, 2 Hot 2 Sweat, Sleaford Mods, DJ Roc and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart.
    Also, over on Mark Whitby's Unwashed Territories netlabel you can download a free 34-track compilation including artists who collectively recorded over forty John Peel sessions; eleven tunes from Dandelion Radio sessions; and a further ten tracks exclusive to the release. Happy Birthday to us!

    Andrew Morrison:
    There are two shows from Andy in June. His regular show features 3 hours of fresh and exciting music including Napoleon IIIrd, Guillemots, Trembling Blue Stars, The Joy Formidable, Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat, PJ Harvey, Niki & the Dove, Team Ghost, Low, Burial and Laura Cantrell. …
  • Top 100 Indie/Alt Music Albums of All Time

    4 mars 2011, 12h30m par Skylarked

    Not another Top 100 albums list,’ I hear you cry. Well, yes it is. But I hope that this one will be different from the rest. Granted, there are some albums here that you will have seen on many lists before but I’ve also opted for some obscurities as well with the aim of bringing some different music for you to seek out.

    To see the list, which is being released in stages each week, visit here

    Sun Kil MoonJoy DivisionThe Wedding PresentHefnerThey Might Be GiantsNeko CaseNeutral Milk HotelMidlakePylon