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  • iconoclast macht schon richtig was her..
  • i love heaven shall burn !!!
  • They are perfect, but Endzeit - the best!
  • It rocks! Dammit, all songs on Iconclast are perfect!
  • I just can't get enough of the Whatever It May Take re-release...
  • HSB never fails in making albums! Best metalcore band ever!
  • It's Heaven Shall Burn, and it's everything said!! =D
  • @blije_Ties: the lyrics are the same as on the other albums
  • @Blije_Ties: it doesnt matter how generic the riffs or the music is. hsb kicks ass, end of discussion.
  • Awoken+Endzeit are very epic. I love that moment, you know.
  • Holy shit, I can't beleive how downhill this band has gone. I used to love their stuff, but iconoclast is their shittiest album yet. How generic and ripped-off is the riffing. Where is the time they played like their own heroes: almighty Bolt Thrower!? The decline just sickens me. And while the riffing is bad, the vocals are awfull.
  • i love endzeit. great song!!
  • Art is resistance. Rise of concept. Rise of thought. Rise of consciousness.
  • forlorn skies is fucking amazing!!
  • ARMIA, amazing...
  • Just say Death Metal ;) Very nice x)
  • No no, it's Death-Thrash-Mosh-Dark-Black-Emo-Core with some Melodic-Death and Folk-Metal influences. Scheiß Schubladendenken :D xD XD XD
  • @ jusefina Numbing The Pain has awesome clean vocals and also piano
  • Просто боги!!!
  • The transition from the awoken to endzeit is beyond heavy. Really enjoying the new album.
  • No no, it's Death-Thrash-Mosh-Dark-Black-Emo-Core with some Melodic-Death and Folk-Metal influences. Scheiß Schubladendenken :D
  • As I hail the bombs of my saviours \m/
  • A Dying Ember - what a fucking good song.
  • ohja^^ das findet man aber irgendwie bei jeder metalband momentan^^
  • ihr immer mit euren genregesülze, schlimm.
  • You have absolutely no idea what deathcore is if you think the new album is deathcore.
  • New album is very good, one of the best metalcore/melodic death albums I've heard in a while.
  • lool deathcore ~.~ thats modern death/melodic death metal. and not deathcore
  • Absolutely adore you guys. Thanks for the best metal I've ever listened to.
  • To Harvest The Storm, Dislocation and The Dream Is Dead have some too.
  • Implore The Darken Sky (Classic Version) has clean vocals.
  • Its just my personal opinion. I think Metalcore is a poor genre, at least collectively. There are of course a few decent bands in there, mainly the ones that are influenced by Melodic death metal.
  • what the fuck is wrong with you? metalcore is a great genre.
  • Metalcore is a terrible genre, yet is has produced a decent band. Their more metal than hardcore though.
  • This band rocks ;) Gonna see them live this summer! Ordered the new album with some bonus stuff. T-shirt, DVD & Digibook. Can't wait!
  • Die ungeschlagenen Meister der singenden Gitarren.
  • The intro to Endzeit drives me fucking insane each time I listen to it.
  • Exactly, AftermathH ;D
  • KAnn mich nur anschließen
  • Neues Album ist sehr gut geworden!
  • emo, right?
  • geile scheibe. mehr gibts nicht zu sagen. und die band ist völlig verdient auf verschiedenen metalfestivals.
  • ващеее крутые !
  • Its a metalcore band.
  • I wish they'd stop making the same song over and over again. Good band, anyway. At least until you get tired of their formula.
  • süß :)
  • Ich weiss, das ist jedem hier klar, aber ich muss meiner Euphorie einfach nochmal Platz schaffen: MOAAAAHAHAAH!!!! ICH LIEBE DIESE BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!111elf
  • is aber auch gut geiL das neue album :D


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