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Flip Your Wig
Hüsker Dü

Flip Your Wig

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  • Best of the post-Zen Arcade stuff, IMO. New Day Rising is great too but this one's better produced and the songs are a little better.
  • Not a bad track.
  • The only song on here that strikes me as filler is "The Baby Song", which barely qualifies as a song. This is also where their production started befitting the pop sensibilities of their music. This is probably my favourite Hüsker album after Zen Arcade.
  • Underrated record. Keeps the level of two previous albums. These three lps are absolutely brilliant. Others du albums doesn't.
  • grant really dropped the ball on this one
  • I love the entire album.
  • Grants songs on this was really bad, but the Mould songs were amazing.
  • Warners wanted to release this, but Huskers felt they owed SST one more. Unfortunatley SST didn't promote it. Always wondered what would have happened if Warners had got it.
  • Released today It still would be a classic alternative rock album. Flip Your Wig was together with New Day Rising at least 10 years ahead of its time.
  • Wish I could play "Flip Your Wig" itself! Godhead rock fer sure, this disc.

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