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  • You rocked in Romania, agian! <3 Hope to see and sing with you again!
  • Норм, но это название...
  • Proud Like a God > Don't Give Me Names > Bel Air > Walking On A Thin Line > Offline [2] PLAG is still their best album. Too bad about the second to last song, the overlong and boring "Tribute".
  • @40belowsummer: Sorry, it is just your lame opinion.
  • Guano Apes until 2003 were really good, but they should have called it quits forever and don't come back with this lame ass attend to cash in some more money out of the name of Guano Apes. They don't sound anything close to their first three albums anymore and their live attempt on Rock Am Ring was a shocking evidence that they don't have it anymore what it takes to be Guano Apes, but everyone who listened to Sandra Nasic's solo album should have known what the new Guano Apes will sound like, boring half assed pop rock, there is nothing outstanding left anymore.
  • Didn't care that much for ''Offline''. I'm much more curious for her sophomore solo record.
  • happy birthday Sandra, thanks for the Moscow performance, it was hot
  • Muza fajna godna polecenia.
  • Vote
  • My rating 8 out 10
  • Последний альбом очень хорош!
  • Ea0
    Anyone ever reckoned the melody of "The Rains of Castamere" (Game of Thrones TV Series) in their song "Sugar Skin" (first half of the song)? The song was recorded by [artist]The National[/artist] for that series. Does anyone know from whom the melody is originated?
  • yayyyy Göttingen!
  • I miss the old Guano Apes, when sandra didn't think she was a fucking diva.
  • Proud Like a God > Don't Give Me Names > Bel Air > Walking On A Thin Line > Offline
  • Sandra is hot
  • It's all about Rain.
  • Hey Guano Apes. Vor Jahrtausenden, es war Herbst 1997, entdeckte ich euch und verliebte mich in eure Art, Musik zu machen. Damals schrieb ich an einem Mystery-Spannungs-Zitate-Freundschafts-Biografie-Thriller mit dem Titel "Frei". Und ihr und euere Musik wurdet ein Teil dieses E-Books, vor allem Sandra, auch wenn natürlich nicht sie in der Geschichte mitspielt. ;) Der Besuch eines Konzertes von eich Ende '97 hinterließ offenbar großen Eindruck, wie man in dem Buch lesen kann. Gerade, weil ich nun diese verrückte Geschichte veröffentlicht habe, wär's schön, am 3.11. ind LKA in Stuttgart zu kommen, aber ich hab gerade mal so die Obdachlosigkeit verhindert, die Kohle fehlt. Euch ein wundervolles Konzert hier in Stuttgart. Nette Grüße, Linus,_ein_thriller-mystery-freundschafts-biografiebuch_von_linus_lumpitzsch
  • She and Avril Lavigne sure give me no hope. [2] :(
  • Proud Like a God > Don't Give Me Names > Bel Air > Walking On A Thin Line > Offline
  • Don't Give Me Names > Offline > Proud Like A God > Walking On a Thin Line > Bel Air
  • \\m/ Love this band, but i still need to stay up to day with their new stuff.
  • Guano Apes are doing a T-shirt design contest right now, could you please have a look at my submission and click vote if you like it? Thank you <3
  • pretty good stuff !
  • Walking On A Thin Line > Don't Give Me Names > Proud Like a God > Bel Air > Offline [2]
  • pozdrowienia ze Ślaska dla fanów Guano Apes
  • Walking On A Thin Line >Offline> Don't Give Me Names > Proud Like a God > Bel Air
  • Хорошая группа, просто потрясает, ну конечно для меня остается лучшим альбом Don't Give Me Names, но новые тоже не плохи ^^
  • Offline ist immerhin wieder wesentlich besser als Bel Air geworden. Und für alle Meckerpötte gibt es die alten Platten.
  • Shitty new album 2/5. I miss old Guano Apes.
  • Offline is not the same Guano Apes I used to love years ago but it's still good and perfect when I need lighter music.
  • die sind so scheiße geworden...
  • Don't Give Me Names > Bel Air > Walking On A Thin Line = Offline > Pround Like A God
  • Nothing will ever beat "Proud like a God". Period.
  • close to the sun is awesome!
  • Альбом никакущий вообще. Проходной радиорок, морально устаревший еще за пять лет до релиза.
  • You can't stop me @ Stadium Live, Moscow, May 29
  • Close to the Sun
  • I rather enjoy the album... on par with Bel Air =)
  • Best band ever
  • CD Review: Guano Apes - Offline - Tribe Online
  • Guano Apes 1994—2005 R.I.P.
  • 'Offline' is quite a dissapointment with a few good songs. This is the end of Guano Apes as we know it
  • Warum sollte das ein Problem sein, dass das Album "mehr als poppig" geworden ist? Das Album ist echt super!
  • Wo sind denn die alten Guano Apes geblieben?? Meiner Meinung nach ist das Album ja mehr als poppig geworden, echt schade :/
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  • I still can't believe that Sandra kissed me & it feels like I fell in love with this band again. nsk 24.05.14 ♡
  • "Offline" is a disappointment... I wait for something like "Walking on a thin line". :(
  • It's Not Over ♥


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