• October 2011, That Dirty Policeman

    17 nov. 2011, 14h03m par dandyboy73

    The shadows cast by Ladytron, St. Vincent and M83 from last month ran long into October, but that's not to say that there wasn't anything else worth lending an ear to. A couple of albums that were squeezed out of my September listening were In the Grace of Your Love by The Rapture and Never Trust A Happy Song by Grouplove. Hands up, with the first few listens I thought that The Grace Of Your Love was a shocking mess, with only opener Sail Away having any urgency to it. But then it was the infectious Italia 90 house style piano on How Deep Is Your Love? that pulled me back for a few more listens, and then I finally woke up to the brilliance of Come Back to Me. Sounding like a woozy drunken accordion-playing pirate down the disco, it's a proper corker of a track, yet probably also one of the tracks that I'd marked down as 'big messy confused mess' on my first listen. The rest of the album isn't awful, but doesn't reach the same heights. Unless in a month's time I find there's another song…