• Kewl song titles

    3 août 2015, 17h54m par S4EEDR3ZA

  • 21 years, 21 albums

    12 oct. 2008, 18h01m par Kikuichimonji

    Well, this started off as an easy idea: look at my albums, and decide which one was the best for every year since my year of birth (1987). I guess it kinda took off because when I'm writing about music I can't seem to quit.

    I probably should've split this up in multiple journals, but since I was working in Word I didn't get to that. Ah well. A cookie for everyone who manages to read it all. Two cookies for everyone who suggests an album to me.

    Final note, this took me 3 days to write and 2 more to add tags, so don’t complain if I made a spelling error somewhere.

    The Uplift Mofo Party Plan

    My choice: The Uplift Mofo Party Plan
    Runner-up: N/A

    Oh crap, not the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Not that they suck, they just uh, well they’re just shit nowadays. As a matter of fact they were shit in ’87. Probably more shit then today. I don’t know if it’s funk or rock or a mix of styles but I know one thing: it’s out of control. And no, that’s not a good thing here. …
  • There's No Place in the World Like It

    12 sept. 2007, 4h18m par Ettensohn

    " . . . it's so fabulous . . . they don't do it anymore. Things've changed, see. They don't sleep anymore on the beach. "

    From the first time I listened to East Hastings, I knew that Godspeed You! Black Emperor was different. The pure emotions; sadness, futility, anger, hope expressed in F#A# brought me to a musical place I had never been before. It was as if I needed to hear everything this band had ever done, I needed more of that. And after relistening to F#A# for the thousandth time, Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven arrived.

    Storm. This is the single most moving piece of music I have ever heard. The cadence from the first movement sets the the tone for the second: Gathering Storm. This was what hooked me. The saddened piano gives way to what appear in my mind to be quick, angry lightning strikes, hitting the earth as the symbols are smashed and the guitarists let forth a strikingly unique high pitched explosion of sound. …