• A psychedelic Goat

    10 mai 2015, 14h17m par steerpike

    Fri 8 May – Goat, MAMUTHONES

    The heady blend of Goa Trance, World Beat, Reggae and classic Psychedelic Rock is at times overly repetitive but the music of Goat has enough hypnotic power to reduce the packed club to a sweaty mass of satisfied customers.
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  • 2014 - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (& The Other Fellows)

    6 fév. 2015, 0h47m par MATI9630

    It's that time of the year again, huh. Time to look back at the year that has just passed and see all it had to offer. It's also time of--
    Wait, no, it's February.
    Well, fuck.

    ...but I guess that's okay. Since has stopped displaying journal entries at artists' pages (well, they're there but well hidden - and come on, I don't know anybody who would actually look for them) and since I stopped being a somewhat active member of the community, my journals had a very limited range. And I know exactly one person who had demanded it (well, maybe up to three... but if you stumbled here by chance, that's cool), so is there an actual point of this?

    Probably not.

    Let's do it anyway.

    My rating scale is a bit fucked up as always. Therefore I decided to change the rules a bit. 7 (well, 8) categories, all clearly described. Simple as that. Oh, don't think of 'The Good' like 'well, it's alright, I guess'. It's more like 'holy shit, that's some good stuff'. …
  • Classic Rock Top 50 albums 2014 Review

    25 jan. 2015, 20h14m par lonelyfurrow

    Where have the last 12 months gone? It only seems a couple of months ago that I was writing the opening paragraph to 2013’s Top 50 list. As usual at this time of year we’re bombarded with loads of “End of Year Lists” but the one I look forward to the most is the Classic Rock Top 50. It’s a chance to revisit some of the great rock albums of the year and, hopefully, discover something new.

    1 - Rival Sons - Great Western Valkyrie
    It comes as no surprise to me that this album was number 1. From the opening riff of “Electric Man” to the closing chords of “Destination on Course” this album is full of stripped back, full on Blues based rock. Jay Buchanan is in fine vocal form again screaming one minute and whispering the next. Scott Holiday’s distorted guitar sound is perfect as it cuts through the gaps left by Buchanan on tracks like “Play the Fool” and “Good Things” while Mike Miley and new bassist Dave Beste provide the muscle and groove that keeps the whole thing rocking. It’s definitely one of the albums of the year for me.
  • My favorite new releases in 2014

    20 jan. 2015, 4h42m par garynotrashcoug

    I wrote a rather extensive one for 2013 and I'm a bit late this time, but I'm still getting caught up with all the great music released in 2014. In the meantime, here are my top five so far:
    Goat - Commune: I've heard people say their debut World Music was better, but this was my first encounter with them and I was not disappointed. I've been on a "world psych" kick this past year and this album carries a heavyweight power that just took my breath away.
    Helms Alee - Sleepwalking Sailors: To call them a "power trio" would be an understatement. Sludge hardcore at it's finest. The twin female backing vocals offset the highly aggressive male lead vocals nicely.
    I Break Horses - Chiaroscuro: Just when you think you've heard it all from electronica. …
  • 2014 top 50

    18 jan. 2015, 21h20m par Vauvauvau

    1. Impure Wilhelmina – Black Honey | post-hardcore/progressive
    2. Sol Invictus – Once Upon a Time | neofolk
    3. We Insist! - We Insist! | prog/mathrock
    4. Post War Glamour Girls – Pink Fur | indie rock
    5. Esben and the Witch – A New Nature | indie rock/post-rock/progressive
    6. Warpaint – Warpaint | indie rock/electronic
    7. She Keeps Bees – Eight Houses | blues rock/indie
    8. Iceage - Plowing Into the Field of Love | post-punk/alternative rock
    9. Wovenhand – Refractory Obdurate | altcountry/rock
    10. Lower – Seek Warmer Climes | post-punk
    11. Seven Impale - City of the Sun | progressive rock
    12. Mode Moderne – Occult Delight | post-punk/new wave
    13. Goat - Commune | psychedelic rock
    14. Sasha Boole – Survival Folk | altcountry/folk
    15. Rome – A Passage to Rhodesia | neofolk
    16. Stars in Battledress – In Droplet Form | indie rock/art rock
    17. Drones of North America - Drones of North America | post-hardcore
    18. Musk Ox – Woodfall | post-rock, neofolk
    19. Grouper – Ruins | singer-songwriter/ambient
  • Top of The Pops 2014

    31 déc. 2014, 18h02m par sing-sing

    Привет из Петербурга, с Новым годом, например, всем желаю удачи, чудес, и не болеть!

    Если вам, как обычно, совершенно нечем заняться в этот вечер, то изучите единственно верный в этой Вселенной список лучших альбомов за 2014 год.)

    Notice: Все деления на жанры | места разумеется условны, и наверняка какие-нибудь прекрасные экспериментаторы всё равно потерялись, думаю это было неизбежно - к весне постараюсь устранить пробелы.)

    | |

    01. Asalto Al Parque Zoológico - Hexadecimal
    02. The Lavender Faction - Take Down the Walls [compilation, 1990-91]
    03. Oeil - Myrtle EP
    04. Nothing - Guilty Of Everything
    05. Whirr - Sway
    06. Cigarette in your bed - Darkness
    07. Star Horse - Don't Get Closer / 100 Eyes EP
    08. Sciflyer - They Only Believe in the Moon
    09. magic love - Dawn EP
  • 2014

    26 déc. 2014, 15h26m par seandarling

  • 25 Favorite Albums of 2014

    24 déc. 2014, 3h51m par SeanK262

    I gave mini-reviews of my top 10 albums and then tagged the last 15 with styles so that if you're interested in this or that style you can try them out yourself. Enjoy and feel free to disagree, but please play nice because I'm no music critic, just a fan.

    Click on the links to the albums in this list. If the albums are on Spotify, you can listen to them by clicking the play button next to the tracks. If they're not, use the internet and find a way to listen to them yourselves!

    1. Max Graef: Rivers of the Red Planet
    Despite not being anywhere close to the most challenging record of the year, this is by far the smoothest; the perfect late night album that keeps you relaxed while keeping the night going. This album beautifully blends hip-hop, techno, house and jazz without losing a consistent aesthetic. …
  • Best of 2014

    12 déc. 2014, 0h33m par Degarmo

    Records that I think are excellent for the year 2014. No explicit order is given except the first two

    Cloud Nothings- "Here and Nowhere Else" - Album of the Year-----
    Iceage- "Plowing into the Field of Love"---- - Album of the Year[2]--
    Ought- "More Than Any Other Day"----
    Shellac- "Dude Incredible" ----
    First Aid Kit- "Stay Gold" ---- [Folk-Pop]
    Marissa Nadler- "July"---- [Folk/Singer-Songwriter]
    Real Estate- "Atlas" -----
    Sun Kil Moon- "Benji" ----
    Merchandise- "After The End"---- [Post-Punk]
    Africa Express- "Terry Riley's In C Mali"-----------
    Ty Segall- "Manipulator" ----
    Withered Hand- "New Gods" --------
    Dope Body- "Lifer"-----
    Posse- "Soft Opening" ----
    Kairon; IRSE!- "Ujubasajuba"----
    Savages- "Fucked/Dream Baby Dream" 12" [Live] ----
  • Dandelion Radio - December 2014

    8 déc. 2014, 12h05m par DandelionRadio

    Festive Fifty Build Up Show:
    Join a selection of Dandelion Radio DJs for the hour up to midnight (GMT) on Christmas Eve for this one-off, Festive Fifty Build-Up show. They'll be introducing some of their picks of 2014 that didn't quite make it into this year's legendary listeners' poll, while warming up for the first play of 2014's results starting at midnight.

    Mike Livesley:
    A special just for the Christmas break - presented by Michael Livesley and Andrew Battersby
    Why not kick off your slingbacks, take off your girdle, sit back and relax for an hour with Michael and Andrew as they present, for you, The Ghost of Christmas Pants.
    Recorded live at Uncle Tubbo's lighthouse on the North Wales coast the show features the blokes they call 'the drunkards drunkards' discussing their scattered memories and music of Christmases gone by in their own inimitable and slurring way.
    So, the fire is roaring, the places are set, the fridge is groaning with ale and there's a fresh 18 pack of Andrex in the bog. …