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  • I'm really itching for a new album! Can't wait! Arguably the most beautiful music I've ever heard ^^
  • Crusaders of the Light <3
  • amazing
  • perfect <3
  • fuck man why have i never hear about this before. the music is glorrriooouuuuusss!
  • Black Parade
  • @cdax2307 - Oh please, like your taste is any better.
  • "Take me away" is the masterpiece. One of the best of orchestral songs I've ever heard.
  • аmazing *__*
  • Wonderful Music!!
  • Breathtaking.
  • Lame, lame, lame.
  • Europa ♥ Diem Ex Dei ♥ Wyatt Earth ♥ Save Me ♥ Amazing Grace ♥
  • Delight \о/
  • The official video for "Doomsday" is up -
  • A Thousand Deaths is so fucking epic
  • Preliator
  • Globus never get old.
  • I need your advice. Do they have anything resembling Orchard of mines?
  • I think they just treat their songs like different songs in both Globus and Immediate music. Orchard of Mines = Serenata Immortale.
  • It's my New Age/Dark Ambient project, and I need all your feedbacks. And please PLEASE give me your feedback (on my user page). :D
  • @ NieNova perhaps they first made the instrumental version and called it Electric Romeo, then later added lyrics and realized that Europa is a much better name?
  • Robotchicken
  • Hey guys and ladies. I`m working for the label from "Globus" in germany. if you want to know anything about them, just join our facebookgroup: Happy greeting, The Familiy Of Music
  • I don't understand, Europa by Globus = Electric Romeo by Immediate Music, Why ? they just change the name
  • *_________________*
  • A Thousand Deaths ♥ Black Parade ♥ Take Me Away ♥
  • yep
  • Is Globus a part of Immediate Music? Because Europa song is on the music Electric Romeo by Immediate Music, for sure.
  • Awesome inspiring music!
  • атличные
  • GLOBUS OFFICIAL GERMANY CONTEST Liebe Fans: Wir starten nun einen offiziellen Contest bei welchem wir all eure Kraft benötigen, damit unser Wunsch wahr werden kann und GLOBUS uns endlich die Möglichkeit geben kann sie LIVE zu sehen. Der Contest: Wir benötigen 10000 LIKES auf der offiziellen Deutschen Facebooksite Wir stehen im DIREKTEN KONTAKT zur Band und promoten diese hier in DEUTSCHLAND. Also LIKE "GLOBUS OFFICIAL GERMANY" auf FACEBOOK!!!
  • New album is amazing [2]
  • German Fanbase : Please push us !
  • since i started listening to Globus all other music is crap [2]
  • epic
  • new album is aaaaaaaaaaaaaawesome!!!
  • One Truth and Europa ♥
  • cool music
  • Break from this world
  • since i started listening to Globus all other music is crap
  • Haben jetzt ne offizielle deutsche Facebook Seite : Bitte alle mal liken die über die Band und auch Immediate Music auf dem laufenden bleiben wollen und ihre Musik mögen... thx ^^
  • Black Parade <3
  • Europa ♥ Diem Ex Dei ♥ Wyatt Earth ♥
  • There's a new album!?
  • New album is amazing


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