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Come Friendly Bombs (3:32)


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  • Hands down their best album IMO. Grey Britain was good too.
  • I really love this band, but theyre just not the same without Frank Carter. Sucks that he left
  • ...and fall on Slough.
  • in fact earlier just pointing out the obvious choice for a guy unknown to it
  • @callanmilward check out black flag and go from there...
  • miss frank like a motherfucker
  • Fuck yeah! What a song.
  • I wish this track's fidelity was higher.
  • both orchestra of wolves and grey britain are amazing, enough said.
  • yes
  • In the Belly of a Shark
  • How can you disagree if you've never even heard the album?
  • "its a shame Grey Britain is terrible and completely what Gallows is not about ". This is the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard. I've not listened to Grey Britain, however, if Gallows wrote and released Grey Britain, then it is COMPLETELY what they are about.
  • If this town had a name it would be defeat!
  • @the413punk-Very true.
  • last 25 seconds of this song are amazing
  • in many was they are like the new refused
  • @callanmilward learn a little bit of history before you go talking about bands that have shaped hardcore today. I understand you are all of 19 years old but you have the internet for chirst sakes. I like gallows as much as the next guy, but they are very much a product of the last 20 years worth of hardcore bands, and they aren't shaping anything new.
  • better dan me
  • creeping good
  • Totally amazing track. one of the few bands that have shaped how hardcore sounds today. its a shame Grey Britain is terrible and completely what Gallows is not about
  • Theyre awesome live. New album is quite shit, however...
  • \m/ x[ \m/
  • siqq
  • sweet. come to oakland.
  • This is real.
  • total burner
  • Heard them play at Tap'n'Tin!
  • we're not the same ones you and me
  • awesome!!

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