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Galgeras is a Black Metal band from Beuningen, Gelderland, The Netherlands, formed in 1999 by Sagelinge we also know from Fluisterwoud. After several demo's Booswichterij is their first full length.

'Galgeras' is an old Dutch word, a combination of 'galg' (= gallow) and 'ras' (= race, species). It was used to entitle people who were 'born to hang', so when talking about criminals and villains.

their lyrics theme about : Occultism, Black Magic, Murder and Desecration

members :

Nachtraaf - Session Live Drums (Botulistum, Fluisterwoud, Planet AIDS, Grimm (Nld), Urfaust)
Mortifer - Session Live Vocals (Zelfhaat, Raptor (Nld), Hell Icon, Goat Terrorism, Autumnal Reaper)

Gwydion Sagelinge - Guitars, Keyboards, Voice (Fluisterwoud, Lingedal, Grimorium Verum (Nld))
Kazzmann - Bass, Guitars

Discography :

Magdestein Demo, 2000
Uwer ter Ere Demo, 2002
Reliekrover Best of/Compilation, 2003
Maan Demo, 2003
Rage, Hate and Chaos Split, 2004
Hellegast Demo, 2005
Booswichterij Full-length, 2005

edited by : Atazoth_

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