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  • me come
  • Mate. The universe in itself is entrenched in their sound.
  • Two mages and a witch.
  • They're wizards.
  • I wrote a poem on a dog biscuit, but your dog refused to look at it.
  • They also covered The Velvet Underground's 'Here She Comes Now'.
  • vv They covered New Order on their album On Fire, hence the "cover" tag
  • te amoooo
  • why the "cover" tag? '-'
  • hearing this now almost makes me want to throw all my other records out
  • Naomi Yang was the most beautiful indie band bassist ever!
  • so comfy
  • i cant find a single bad song from them help
  • <3
  • god damn the nostalgia
  • One of the best bands of all-time, but you never hear them on the radio.
  • All the other cool kids are reforming THEIR bands..
  • good band, bad album covers
  • И какого хрена они числятся среди похожих исполнителей Mudvayne?
  • @tjd9 He might actually be both at the same time
  • Love them. I've gotten my 11 year old son hooked on them. He will either be the coolest kid in junior high, or total misfit.
  • Naomi Yang may be one of the coolest girls ever. And what a voice.
  • @interhole Why would it matter if they're from Harvard? They made good music and that's all that matters.
  • só amor
  • blue thunder is clearly post industrial. you are an idiot.
  • Blue Thunder is sort of shoegaze-y but who cares what genre they are
  • radical in the kinda way where i end up rolling around nude on the carpet
  • Someone wants a t-shirt?
  • Tão linda
  • I think they're more twee (belle & sebastian) than shoegazey.. Goodness either way.
  • Get the biggest speakers in the world out and get Galaxie 500 back on stage.
  • if i'd known that they were some harvard pricks, i would've never listened to them in the first place. but it's too late for that now.
  • "When will you come home" you guys?
  • "i hear nothing shoegazer in their sound . . . never understood them being called shoegazer." this.
  • I would daresay that their discography is flawless. [3] This band had three phenomenal albums, and it's rare that a band can form, create music, and breakup without a single bad song under their belt. Fantastic.
  • Galaxie 500 wrote some killer tunes, in fact, I would daresay that their discography is flawless. This band could've gone far if it wasn't for their sudden breakup.
  • cool song
  • V yes I totally agree. Considering the fact that the original is such a sketch of a song; they filled in instrumentation flawlessly.
  • Seriously, Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste is one of the best songs ever recorded. They always made great covers, but that one is just outstanding.
  • cool dudes
  • I'd say they're a bit shoegaze, but without all the effects? Perhaps minimalist..
  • Another reunion I'm waiting for
  • @Pulsars Try the band Felt
  • Haven't quite found another band with a similar guitar tone and lyrical mood. Any suggestion?
  • i dunno, i hear nothing shoegazer in their sound... nothing to do with them being from the US. never understood them being called shoegazer.
  • More like ceilingaze.
  • They were from the US instead of the UK. Other than that, what about them is NOT shoegaze? It would seem to me that their sound was a huge influence on many of the prototypical bands in the genre. Someone disagrees?
  • Ah, one of the sexy time bands from the days of old/yore.


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