• Top 2010

    22 déc. 2010, 20h48m par carecavasco

    Wow, que ano, que ano! É difícil escrever algo sobre um ano tão intenso e marcante como este 2010. Um ano que começou em uma fissura louca e absurda de tentar não deixar passar nada, em que acabei escutando do mais esdrúxulo ao mais sublime nesta ânsia musical patológica. Doença que foi inflada por uma hipergreve na minha universidade, em que o ócio e a vagabundagem me fizeram escutar quase um álbum novo por dia. Ainda bem que voltaram as aulas e essa alucinação passou, levando-me a reduzir drasticamente o ritmo nas novidades. Amém.

    Sim, o primeiro parágrafo tinha que ser assim, tinha que ser sobre como esta lista surgiu, porque ela é injusta, muito injusta, não só do ponto de vista objetivo, pois quem vos escreve não entende absolutamente nada de música, mas também do ponto de vista tempo/álbum. Muitos dos que estão rankeados foram mal escutados. Foram pisoteados e afastados para o limbo do meu hd, sem sequer uma segunda chancezinha. …
  • Why viking fetishists and all other types of fetishists merely wish to get laid

    26 jui. 2010, 20h42m par DrJosephMengele

    It's no secret that we live in a hypocrithical world, a charachteristic which is as old as humanity itself and will never perish, albeit historically it had different degrees throughout the world. This is rather visible amongst all types of fetishists – religious, cultural or otherwise.

    These fetishists (which go by the name of “fans” when we talk about subcultures or by most pseudo-extremists when we talk about religious fanatics or most political extremists or 99.99% of vegans and straight edgers, “ecologists” who wish that all the world would merely buy bourgeois “green” products and all the other subgroups of hipsters). These people cloak behind a trend, religion, etc. in order to disguise their sexuality in “higher ideals”. Don't believe me? Well, stay tuned.

    I'll first start with subculture fetishists, and the one which I personally find to be the most annoying – at lest in my area: viking fetishists (which merged with paganism/asatru/odinism and God knows what type of crap)…
  • 2010 Releases: An Evolving Journal

    7 déc. 2009, 17h59m par PerpetualWinter

    This year since I'm writing for Metal-Observer I suppose it only makes sense to follow their ranking system:

    10 - What, you are still here?! Get it! If you don't have the cash, sell your soul...
    9 - For those about to rock...This CD's for you!
    8 - Start counting your pennies...
    7 - Worth putting on your check-out list!
    6 – Discount bin treasure...
    5 - Identity crisis, not good, not really bad...
    4 - Houston, we have a problem...
    3 - Waste of money, not much hope!
    2 - A good beer coaster, also usable as CD, if you want people to leave...
    1 - I'd rather chew tinfoil...
    0 - You'd be better off listening to an air conditioner!

    Ya get the picture. I hope to update this at least bi-weekly, but I'm not going to guarantee anything. Ratings posted with a range are not final. On that note, lets get 'er underway:

    Death Metal & Death/Grind Variants

    Hour of Penance
    (Ita) - Paradogma (Brutal Death Metal) 8.5-9/10
  • Insulting my top 50 artists

    14 jui. 2008, 21h32m par Fistfucked

    Anal Cunt You had several good albums,but all your side projects are basically anal cunt with a new name and you're hella' racist.

    RegurgitateI cant remember why i liked you so much once. I think it wore off and I think thats why youre pretty high up there.

    GallhammerGallhammer, It's hard to find
    something I dislike about you.The fact your newer albums aren't that rad and gloomy lights is as new as I wanna get.

    Insect Warfare The fact that you're disbanded sucks.

    WatainYou'll notice I really only listen to your demo, because i dont like most of your other shit.
    Bestial Mockerya lot of the albums you've put out sound the same.
    AssückYou guys are fucking snotty.And as i do recall Necrosalvation is pretty fucking grind and ya'll don't wanna be associated with the grindcore/death metal scene because you're all p.c anarchist pussies now.BOO HOO.

    Capitalist CasualtiesHow about the fact that I couldn't find your skate deck for a while fucking year!
  • That damned metal survey

    17 nov. 2007, 20h07m par TupperwareQueen

    Thought I'd just throw myself on the bandwagon.

    Favourite death metal band: Morbid Angel, currently.

    Favourite black metal band: Emperor

    Favourite thrash metal band: Sepultura, I guess. Not a big thrash fan.

    Favourite power metal band: I'd rather not.

    Favourite traditional metal band: Black Sabbath come under this category, right? Them.

    Favourite doom metal band: Sunn O))), even though they're actually drone, and even then i'm not that into them.

    Favourite Gothic Metal band: No, thank you.

    Favourite "other" metal band: Funeral Rape 8-)

    Favourite song: I Am the Black Wizards, Apparently. And [track artist=Rotting Christ]Helios' Hyperion. And [track artist=Marduk]Baptism By Fire..

    Favourite ballad: Um...

    Favourite instrumental: Emperor's Opus A Satana.

    Favourite live album: Emperial Live Ceremony.

    Favourite festival: I haven't.

    Favourite tour: Emperor's reunion one. Or the one Marduk are currently on, who coincidentally, i'll be seeing :D