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  • their new album is the first I have from them, and I like it, looks like I should get their earlier works.
  • their new album is pretty good , they didnt change their sound
  • Really nice. :)
  • NYC?
  • Listen DIGITALLY IMPORTED FM FUTURE SYNTHPOP ! Visit my own and personal TAG: ! [tag]di fm future synthpop[/tag]
  • Great songДом
  • Great music !
  • One of my favortite band :)
  • Tanz ! Erst gefunden die Jungs ... geile Mukke Q_Q
  • Adoro!
  • @Lord_Dekadenz they promised this in january +_+ and still no information about it
  • Whoa, looks like a good year for new releases.
  • yay!
  • as far as I know, new album called "Holometabola" will be released this year.
  • I still want more Frozen Plasma.
  • <3
  • definitely not my cup of tea :/
  • pedazo de agrupación!!!!!
  • HOME
  • I need new album !
  • Need more Frozen Plasma. The last album was really good.
  • Божественная музыка
  • simplemente genial¡
  • Hey FRozen plasma!! ;)) hi!! go to this website!! free ad for you! because vivian is the webmaster and like your tracks,"" We can remove it if you're not agree! greetings from depressive land!!!
  • one of the kings of EBM, long live the futuristic EBM, peaceful and fantastic in a bright way, that's Frozen Plasma for me!
  • Warmongers (DJ Edit) <3
  • Just bout Momentum. Soooo good <3!
  • Обожаю <3
  • A Second of Life is still a personal favourite even if I don't really enjoy much of their work anymore.
  • Tanz Die Revolution and Murderous Trap are outstanding, aye. I just love the lyrics in the last one. Simply amazing.
  • Murderous Trap <333. шикарная группа.
  • boring.
  • ...já to věděl dřív! :-)))))
  • ...superbanda! :-)))
  • Monumentum gets better & better with every listen! "Touching Ground" is typical Frozen Plasma (like "Irony" was), and "Forgotten Earth" is very melancholic, reminds me of "King Of Pain". "Almond Flowers" and "Earthling" are also great. Monumentum maybe is on the same level with Artificial. but they would be nothing without Felix Marc...
  • Ein paar wirklich tolle Lieder haben die :)
  • And I Realize There Is No Peace of Mind!
  • Phoenix. Wow!
  • Crossroads <3
  • достойно....
  • with reverb and calmness, everyone can sing
  • Best song = Irony. <3
  • great futurepop music
  • Felix Marc >CAN< sing
  • Felix Marc can't sing
  • Murderous Trap !!!!!!
  • Join: [url=]This group will have the best charts ever!![/url]
  • Italian version of Tanz die Revolution is fuc**** great![2]
  • Tanz Die Revolution is amazing.


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