• Firetrap sessions - Frightened Rabbit (and post-show banter)

    30 mai 2008, 17h29m par susied23

    Thu 22 May – The Duke Spirit, Frightened Rabbit

    I don't think anyone can complain about free live music and if it's Frightened Rabbit for free then that's about as good as it's going to get (this day did officially cost £24 but it was worth it). Even if it was my 4th time (in a 4th city) in 4 weeks seeing these guys, they did not let down.

    The gig was listed as an 8pm start but we didn't actually get in till 8.30pm. That's because Frightened Rabbit had a late soundcheck. After the soundcheck Grant and Billy came out for a post-check pre-gig ciggy. My friend noticed them before I did and then I ended up chatting to Grant for about 5 mins. It was mostly about the US tour as they were flying out the next day, I told him I'd converted a few people and a friend is going to see them at Do-Division in Chicago. He said he'd guestlist her. That's just awesome.

    The first act was Clash DJs. I wasn't convinced by this guy tbh. We used our free drinks coupons instead. …
  • Frightened Rabbit + The Brother Kite @ Pianos

    29 mai 2008, 1h47m par pecusita

    Tue 27 May – Frightened Rabbit, The Brother Kite, Chief, Nights

    When Frightened Rabbit was about to start their set Scott thank the audience for making of this gig their first ever sold-out show. This left me pretty much surprise.

    How could such a thing be? I suppose he meant their first headlining sold-out show. Still, not even back home? Yet more proof that there's just something slightly wrong with music today. Seriously, if they are hitting a town near you, do not waste the chance.

    Sold out is a bit of a mouthful. The Pianos' showroom is a small space. The crowd space is more like my parent's living room - I'd say it could fit 200 crammed people, just a guess - with little space left for the stage. It is so narrow, there's barely space to move in front of the drum set. It looked pretty crowded when opener The Brother Kite, a five piece from Rhode Island, were on stage.

    Their set sounded pretty good, except for the fact that you could barely hear a thing the frontman was singing. …