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« Franck Black Francis » n’existe pas. Il semblerait en effet que Frank Black et Black Francis soient deux personnalités bien distinctes. La preuve en est que quand Frank Black est sur scène (sans les Pixies) il n’interprète pas les morceaux de son ami imaginaire Black Francis. Et inversement.

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  • Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV
  • This is the same reason why tags are infuriating. LastFM could be the most amazing music recommendation service, because human-powered music analysis beats the computer every time. But it's a wasted opportunity. Unlike Spotify, LastFM gives you the ability to add meaningful tags to each track. As users, we can actually describe each song - moods, instruments, occasions: catchy, melancholy, dreamy, piano, distortion, cello, relaxing. Imagine being able to say "dreamy relaxing prog-rock hammond organ" and it just gives you a list. Instead, people tag with bullshit tags like "I LIKE THIS TRACK", and made-up artists.
  • "the fact that tracks are streamable under this name rather suggests it IS actually a correct artist name." - no, it does not ;)
  • This kind of thing is infuriating.
  • this is the right tag
  • I guess the first cd should be tagged with black francis and the second one with frank black. at first he was in the pixies and and on cd 2 he covers his songs as frank black. the last two albums he released as black francis came way after this one, so i think what i say is right. but anyway shouldn´t we just have fun listening to his music and forget about lame boring tagging questions ? peace out
  • I must admit he (and his little band) changed my life
  • The last album SVN Fingers is amazing. I like this kind of music, it´s much better than country style. I want to see him again in spain.
  • the fact that tracks are streamable under this name rather suggests it IS actually a correct artist name.
  • Pop over to my blog to download a recording of the Pixies first comeback gig!

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