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Four Tet

Angel Echoes (4:00)


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  • I guess I've finally figured out, where the mysterious voice sample comes from: It's "The Power Of Good-Bye" by Madonna! That part, when she sings "there's no" in the chorus and a snippet of the part, when she sings "when you" in the first few lines. Could that be true?
  • brrrrrrrrrrr rgot me shivers
  • whoa, 33 rpm vinyl at 45 rpm sounds like listening to forest fairy mating calls and snorting too much adderall
  • Definition of Love!
  • blissful
  • Great, now I can't unhear Feral as well. Damn it, I was blissfully ignorant about why it sounded familiar.
  • One of my friends said this track reminded him of the vocal samples in Feral by Radiohead. I can't unhear that now and it's pissing me off.
  • a joy
  • Yes!!
  • just does it
  • I like this.
  • best use of vocal sampling since Untrust Us [2]
  • indian dream is nice, indian dream aaaa-hum.
  • :)
  • : )
  • Wow! Simply incredible!
  • love
  • This is insane!
  • What a perfect loop.
  • Is all his music this perfect? Cause if it is, I've been seriously missing out.
  • Fckin great
  • holy shit. this has to be heard on speakers and high volume
  • why is this song so amazing? it shouldn't be, but it is.
  • it kind of seems to me that she's singing :' in the garden, there is love in you' but i'm not sure, would love to hear the original sample.
  • baby-making music is here
  • best use of vocal sampling since Untrust Us
  • fucking incredible <3
  • ah-blah-bluh-there's-uhlove
  • to me, this song is like a bw-drawing sketch, and you can fill it with color. so good!
  • Sooooo much emotion in those chopped to shit samples. I'm in love.
  • "It reminds me of Aphex Twin's Xtal. " - I thought that as soon as I heard it. Love the atmosphere both tracks create.
  • love this song !
  • It's like liquid love.
  • It reminds me of Aphex Twin's Xtal.
  • mmm.
  • nice
  • I love this
  • yo..this is insane
  • Who is the sample!? WHO!?
  • Great stuff.
  • A video i made using the Angel Echos song. Its about the effects of medical steroids. I listened to this song mostly when i was on steroids, and i just seemed to fit with the jagged and out of sync nature of the video and my experience. Please comment.
  • I love the the vocals and the way it disjoints.
  • yeah yeah yeahs :d love this track
  • Yea, yea yea!!!
  • lovelovelove
  • Wow just wow
  • Why isn't the album in their catalogue yet?
  • <3<3<3<3
  • I agree with the two guys below me
  • i agree with the guy below me


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