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  • Great opening. [4]
  • <3
  • Good
  • Great opening. [3]
  • epic
  • your bridges are burning now ♥
  • Tell me now what's in it for me!!!
  • dave grohl is sucha talented guy. he's a great rock singer, was a great drummer for nirvana, and has produced some of my favorite songs. i idolize this amazing beast of a man
  • @chadderack They remastered it and wrecked it on the CD version though. Thankfully there is a vinyl set that are much better.
  • @wckey: What are you smoking? This album was recorded and mastered on an analog deck.
  • <33333333333333333333333333
  • Killer song!!
  • The amount of clipping is TOO DAMN HIGH.
  • Great opening. [2]
  • so sad they're going on hiatus... my favourite foos song </3
  • Probot..................
  • kick ass song, love it so much!
  • saw him 4month ago..! fuckkng awesome..
  • <333
  • This song says: I'm freaking about rock!
  • Freakin' awesome !!
  • whatever keeps you warm at night
  • This hit me at a 100 kilometres per hour... on a highway.
  • My soul has just departed my body and punching the walls around to the beat!
  • @Iamyates: Oh yeah, now that you mention it, that is the same riff.
  • fugazi - merchandise anyone?
  • awesome song
  • What a great way to start an album [2]
  • i love this song so much
  • This song is loud enough to wake up souls!
  • Best opener on any 2011 album
  • This song as an opening in the show kills everything
  • Dave Grohl is godly. This album blew me away.
  • Why FF didn't kept this grip over the whole record?
  • ахуенная песня!!!
  • i am so happy that i saw dave grohl in concert.October 13 rocked
  • Easily the best song on the album.
  • just saw them in September for the first time. 3 hour set with one break, 26 songs, hard-hitting, so much energy. Dave Grohl is an entertainer that's for sure!
  • jeeea
  • bridge burning is one of my top favorite songs
  • I want to have sex with dave grohl.. js
  • kick ass intro !
  • dave grohl is so awesome.I love the Foo fighters so much.
  • I think this is their best song
  • kick ass intro!!! holy shit! awesomeness
  • Love this album, best of foo fighters albums in my opinion, and it has to be played LOUD! DAVE GROHL IS THE MAN¬
  • Dave Grohl is the man, he's fuckin amazing


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