• Recommended Songs -- new tool discovery!

    17 avr. 2009, 4h54m par AdriaNnLA

    Ok, so a significant part of the draw to has always been the recommendations.

    You listen to a bunch of tracks that you like and through the magic of databases, algorithms, and other listeners with similar tastes; you're presented with artist recommendations courtesy of the machine.

    Their used to be a sweet feature subset of the recommendation engine that allowed groups and other users to send you recommendations to which you could also mix in to your musical discovery journey.

    Unfortunately with the most recent 'overhaul' of the site, group recommendations went away completely and personal recommendations went to pot. Instead of being displayed on a singular page and allowed to populate a radio stream of unbroken recommendations, they now appear in your inbox where you have to sample them one-at-a-time.

    Not nearly as fun nor conducive to the discovery listening process. :-(

    I'd previously found a tool (I'll stick a link in here later) that would scrape some of your…
  • 2006 recapitulation

    9 jan. 2007, 18h33m par merdus

    Always in works and unfinished.. it will change as I remember forgotten albums and listen to yet undiscovered ones.

    Probably for the first time ever I'm pretty sure about the absolutely best recording:
    Joanna Newsom - YS

    and with slight delay follows:
    Leafcutter John - THE FOREST AND THE SEA
    Carla Bozulich - EVANGELISTA
    Matthew Herbert - SCALES
    Scott Walker - THE DRIFT
    Svarte Greiner - KNIVE (+ DEPARDIEU + RAGGSOKK)
    Diane Cluck - MONARCANA
    Daughters - HELL SONGS

    since last Kayo Dot was already sold in October 2005 (although officially released by the label in January 2006), they are not listed... but if I could make a little reminiscence of late 2005, I would definitely add:
    Toby Driver - IN THE L..L..LIBRARY LOFT
    so this way I have to mention at least maudlin of the Well 2006 reissues of BATH and LEAVING YOUR BODY MAP with bonuses.

    + another little scam: