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  • Oh god! What is this? What happened with Fireflight? Very bad new album!
  • Dawn has an incredible voice and the melodies are catchy, however, I wasn't expecting Britney Spears meets dub-step. I know the message is wayyyy more important... so I'll enjoy Fireflight nonetheless.
  • The new album is amazing! So sincere and intense!
  • What happened to the rock sound? Yuck
  • The new album is good.
  • Keep Fighting <3
  • The new album is surprisingly not bad, the melodies and the vocals are amazing. Would have been much better with the rock elements but oh well. [2] But I miss the ROCK BAND Fireflight.
  • @LastStatement: You totally nailed it man :D :D
  • But still their worse album... If your doing pop, do good pop at least.
  • Keep Fighting is really good!
  • Stream the new album
  • I like pop, but is always too strange when a band or an artist CHANGES TOTTALLY LIKE THIS
  • I am dying... unfortunately their new songs can't resuscitate me.
  • New songs are just lame.
  • People, I uploaded a picture from innova photoshot in PNG...
  • An INNOVA image:
  • Resuscitate é ótima :) No aguardo do álbum!
  • "Resuscitate" went out for free yesterday only for Pledgers. INNOVA will be released in May 5th, after Dawn's baby birth.
  • For Those who wait <3
  • If you like female fronted bands with catchy tracks check LOVELORN DOLLS New album in October!!
  • модерн рок тоже играют, немного есть в 2 песнях точно.
  • Fireflight está na sua ÚLTIMA semana de doações para a gravação do novo álbum deles, que será lançado, se Deus quiser, em meados de outubro. Doe agora!
  • amazing
  • Excellent Band, i love the music and the inspirational lyrics
  • Why has this redirected me? I'm listening to Maltese band FIRELIGHT! Two totally different bands! Sort it out,!
  • I'm in love with "Escape" ♥
  • ⌠↑ಠ_ಠ ←:D→ ಥ_ಥ↓⌡
  • Now!!!
  • Want to discover a cool female fronted band? Check LOVELORN DOLLS
  • @Nymphou owww :c
  • v We cannot change main artist picture by thumbing the ones we like, 'cause Fireflight uploaded current picture and 'tis only changeable by themselves...
  • Thumb up everyone for a new artist picture!
  • I really don't get it, how come Escape isn't top track?!
  • You decide <3....
  • Listen the [artist]Cryoshell[/artist] too.
  • The show last night was so amazing. Thank you guys for everything
  • Fireflight is a lot like Skillet. You find a song you really enjoy and think is awesome then you remember they're a christian band and you realize that the song you love so much has a much different meaning than how you interpret it. Despite this you enjoy the song anyway because everyone has a different perspective on things and all art is made to be interpreted in many ways and not just have one meaning.
  • when music is so openly religious its alwayws boring so i won't bother ever listening to them, but she is a hottie.
  • For Those Who Wait <3
  • Rock on brothers and sisters <><
  • Awesome band.
  • Eu nao acredito ainda que vou ve-los em BSB, é tipo Maomé vindo até a montanha! Eu aqui em Goiânia, meu Deus, meu Deus!


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