• Faith and the Muse - The Burning Season Review

    16 jui. 2006, 23h18m par kissmesuicide

    Faith and the Muse
    The Burning Season

    Oh my dear God. They're still going at it, aren't they? Still stuck on Boroque soundscapes and Ethereal wisps, yes? Not that I'm complaining. Faith and the Muse rank up as one of the most brilliant bands that goth offered us in the 90s. One of the only ones really worth owning everything by. How often do those bands come around? Not nearly often enough, I'll say. There's a certain charm with this pair, ands a certain enigmatic factor that's really not worth the hours of reflecting I've given it. William Faith - ex-Christian Death, ex-Shadow Project, ex-Mephisto Walz, ex-Wreckage, and so on down the line of other noteworthy and comapratively resectable bands (I hear these days he's working with Jarboe - doesn't really surprize me. One genius/insanity tightrope walker deserves another, yes?). Monica Richards - ex-Strange Boutique (brilliant, by all accounts. Mark Burgess was damned proud), ex-Madhouse (ooh... DC crust-punk, nothing compares). …
  • My Rant ABout Faith and the Muse

    2 juin 2006, 18h50m par kissmesuicide

    Faith and the Muse is actually my all time favorite band. THEY ARE MY FAVORITE BAND OF ALL TIME. I think they're the most talented band in the world - period. Genre not withstanding. Even if you remove the "" genre from them, they still make some of the most emotional, passionate, intense, dramatic and riveting music in the world. Bar none. Sometimes Folky, Sometimes Rocky, sometimes Ethereal, and sometimes punky, they're always fantastic. One of the best bands to ever make music, certainly.


    Elyria - Their debut alum, and some would argue, their best. This album contains many many standout and classic F&tM tracks, some of which include the dramatic and track, "Sparks", the pessemistic and enchanting, "All Lovers Lost", the songs, "The Unquiet Grave" and "Vervain" (which is a masterpiece, by the way), the "Iago's Demise", William Faith's vocal exercise in the track…