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  • Avatar de Merlijntoby
    I'm entirely unsure whether I love the vocals or fucking hate them with a passion
  • Avatar de Neverjoin
    Xiu Xiu meets Joan of Arc meets Magma. Best way I can describe this band.
  • Avatar de anarchodandyist
    Charlie Looker's new band, Psalm Zero, have a new single up here: // Fookin' loved and still love Extra Life.
  • Avatar de OneBlackStripe
    weird as fuck
  • Avatar de solar_bridge
    Extra Life is dead. Long live Seaven Teares.
  • Avatar de adamcooleyisdea
    Brillaint band, completely bummed they broke up
  • Avatar de DerekMcA
  • Avatar de oaquard
    Yeah, just caught their last show ever last night. Its really hard to believe, especially since they still seemed so together (for lack of a better word).
  • Avatar de Agravenlife
  • Avatar de EraserTunes
    yup, they broke up: worst day in music-history
  • Avatar de oaquard
    I'm confused, are they broken up now or not? I've been hearing mixed things.
  • Avatar de atommalac
    can't top the Eddard Stark one.
  • Avatar de oaquard
    Dream Seeds sounds like what I would imagine a collaborative project of Current 93 and Tyondai Braxton would be.
  • Avatar de oaquard
    Oh my god, Discipline for Ed Gein is fucking incredible [666]
  • Avatar de EraserTunes
    part 1: now, after a handfull of concerts and some additional "reefer-test-listenings" i cand finally come to the coclusion that extra life is simply my favorite band of all times. the more i listen to their records the more i love it and the more sounds i discover. the combination of the haunting meoldies that you mostly dont get to fully experiance and apprechiate on a first listen und the innovative vocals make them strangely entertaining. their fearless attitude towards breaking the flow and experimenting with sound puts them in the top places when it comes to avantgarde music. those feeling of apprechiation amplify when you ever had the chance to seem them perform live. their confident, serious and elevated presence can turn their sound into a beast more evil then the kvltest black metal.
  • Avatar de EraserTunes
    part 2: sure, when speaking of their newest album "dream seeds", we talk about a much different one then "made flesh" at least on first listenings. made flesh was much easier to get used to, dream seeds seems to be more demanding. but if you give yourself time to experiance it in severall listenings and under different circumstances, you will see that its equaly as good. maybe even better, when you dig the consistent and sophisticated music of dream seeds. to put it in other words, i think it is their most mature album so far.
  • Avatar de atommalac
    I just received Dream Seeds. What the fuck is this?
  • Avatar de HYDRE
    Oh my god, Discipline for Eddard Stark is fucking incredible
  • Avatar de fa010s
    Oh my god, Discipline for Ed Wood is fucking incredible
  • Avatar de Ceilliun
    My very favourite emo-prog free-jazz wankery! I just cant get enough! The new record is boring, unimpressive and faux-abstract in all the right ways and the bad parts are so excellently terrible! I hope the next album is like this, but even worse!
  • Avatar de kapitan_govno
    Oh my god, Discipline for Edmond is fucking incredible
  • Avatar de From-000-to-000
    fockin awesom'
  • Avatar de waffleswaffles
    Oh my god, Discipline for Edward is fucking incredible
  • Avatar de Agravenlife
    lol, abstract.
  • Avatar de cyberinsekt
    Like their more abstract stuff, but can't get over how awful the vocals are.
  • Avatar de BenRoylance
    Bad parts?????
  • Avatar de extraaaa
    i really want to like these guys but i still can't get over the vocalist
  • Avatar de Agravenlife
    Well this was a bore, and the bad parts are more terrible than ever. I think I'll stick to MF and SW for now.
  • Avatar de BenRoylance
    New album is genius of course
  • Avatar de atommalac
    is there an uglier website than
  • Avatar de sleepsleepwake
    Holy shit. The new record is incredible. Easily their darkest record yet, and that's saying something.
  • Avatar de nicki_psychotic
    @TrineLykke: thank you soooooo much for the link to this wonderful new song!
  • Avatar de Agravenlife
    Nah, I'm not impressed. For the first time I actually disliked Looker's vocals on an entire track. Hope the album wont be this boring.
  • Avatar de TrineLykke
    Mindblowing new single:
  • Avatar de Agravenlife
    I love 50% of their material, find 40% passable and 10% atrocious. When they're good, they're fucking awesome, and it's too bad they have to mix it up with that pretentious, unaesthetic free jazz wankery, but I think it's only a matter of time before we're through with this cultural dark age and great artists can go back to making real music again.
  • Avatar de Shoegazer29
    So fucking horrible. "Made Flesh" has been in my iTunes for over a year based on someone's recommendation - and that someone's very lucky I can't remember who they are - only to be stumbled upon today to my abject horror. Emo prog, or, everything that can potentially go wrong in music. Ugh, I feel unclean for listening to 3 entire tracks before deleting with prejudice.
  • Avatar de Theweeklywars
    really great stuff:D
  • Avatar de nicki_psychotic
  • Avatar de fedexplanes
    this is my favorite band
  • Avatar de Agravenlife
  • Avatar de nicki_psychotic
    love them more and more!
  • Avatar de timothybarnes
    It's too good to be true.
  • Avatar de cdax2307
    Best band of all times.
  • Avatar de GokuAlsoRises
    every track on RIPPED HEART is killer. glad to support that sick demented fuck charles A. Looker.
  • Avatar de kirkytrav
    Strong Brother, Weak Brother is so good god damn. I SWORE I WOULD NEVER TOUCH YOU AGAIIIN
  • Avatar de CP-000
  • Avatar de FunCooker
    Goku, you mean FUCK and VAGINA, right? There's also a CUNT in "See You at the Show".
  • Avatar de GokuAlsoRises
    Not sure what's more shocking: the F-word at the end of "Easter" or the V-word in "Head Shrinker"
  • Avatar de FunCooker
    I call it "plague pop".
  • Avatar de Agravenlife
    I call it contemporary early music.


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