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  • If y'all in the mood, i just released a drum cover for the greatness that is the song Space Walk.
  • Rising sun flag is offensive.
  • awesome!
  • Fucking awesome. One of the best guitar players I've heard.
  • acoustic star wars bitches!
  • Почему так мало прослушиваний?!
  • One of my best discoveries so far this year. [5]
  • Было старое видео, давно его искал
  • 995842 В самом деле,попсовщики везде найдут попсу
  • Time 2 (N-Joy's Trance Remix)
  • Да забей, главное самому слушать то что нравится)
  • Лол. Лемминги слушают Time и Time 2, тогда как настоящие шедевры это Space Walk, Paganini's Hip, Blood And Ice, Dreaming in Dortmund и так далее... Разочарован как всегда.
  • Acoustic Metal! :D
  • Прекрасный музыкант. Залип на нем. )
  • World Candies is dope.
  • Good stuff. All this while suffering from ADHD, OCD, and Tourette's? Maybe those are good to have if you want to be an accomplished artist.
  • awesome
  • WOW. <3 much love!
  • One of my best discoveries so far this year. [4]
  • One of my best discoveries so far this year. [3]
  • Great artist!
  • I saw him live last night! So awesome...
  • eurodance ok ваще
  • This lamp plays guitar pretty good!
  • excellent!
  • "Gold Rush/St. Anne's Reel" порадовала безумно.... Просто крутое и необычное исполнение!
  • никогда не слышал такой игры, я влюблен
  • awesome!
  • He looks like an asian guy, so he must be awesome.
  • He is so bad ass.
  • The new album is coming out any day now right?! I need it!
  • This guy fucking rules! Haven't heard such a good player in years!
  • Да, чувак обладает просто шикарной техникой игры! У него учится и учится.
  • OMG!!! Space Walk is not even on the top 15?????? [2]
  • This man is a Guitar Super Wizard, or something.
  • My god, this guy has talent! Why have i never heard from him?
  • 13 years ago i picked up a guitar, 13 mins ago i dropped it coz i'll never be as good as this guy -_-''
  • 'Guitar Hero' was based on him.
  • This guy is really good but somehow all of the songs sound kind of the same
  • Guitar virtuoso. Great music.
  • I don't usually buy CDs, but I need to support this artist, these songs are AWESOME. keep on doing this great job, Ewan!
  • ya, Genius.
  • 8 bit remixes!
  • Genius.
  • I think I'll quit playing guitar now. Bye.
  • Awesome ! :0
  • Awesome stuff.


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