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  • *like. ))
  • That's racist!
  • i kike emo EE and pop-punk EE too
  • Track on the Pastepunk comp is gnar
  • lovin this
  • Just found them. I'm so far behind on this type of great music. SHIT
  • Join [group]Pure Post-Hardcore[/group]
  • Long live good Philly music.
  • @ToothandNail04: You sound surprised.
  • band has the sweetest leads ever
  • what the fuck, these guys are incredible
  • p.s. their split with iioi is great, their version of batsto is phenomenal!
  • hugs all day
  • the new LP is unbelievably amazing [2]
  • fave band right now!
  • their ep is up on along with a lot of other great stuff like Castevet. :-)
  • Album of the year
  • funny guys
  • Sounds awessmommmezz! That dude sounds a lot like Travis Shettel though.
  • awesome awesome sound.
  • new review! :D
  • V Understatement for sure
  • the new LP is unbelievably amazing
  • me too.
  • Everyone Everywhere is my favorite band.
  • fuckin awesome
  • fiction, science-fiction, biographies, autobiographies, music work, paper work, all kinds of movies.
  • this is neat
  • has anyone from the uk got the vinyl in the post yet? i wish mine would hurry up and arrive! i hope the order hasn't messed up...
  • pretty good stuff.
  • Good and simple people like you and make real music!
  • @secretcrowds canadian bands have their own segregated
  • Music Work Paper Work has the best lyrics
  • get with it
  • this still isn't the everyone everywhere i listen to.
  • broke the code
  • the lp rules, i can see this being one of my favourites of the year
  • heyyyyyyyyyy i've got bigger fish to fry
  • lp is absolutely awesome. so stoked to get the vinyl in the mail!
  • lp really is good
  • new lp is so sweet
  • the new lp is brilliant.
  • wooo new self-titled full-length 5/4/10 :D
  • cool band
  • band
  • band
  • fuckin awesome band
  • embrace the 13 yr old girl (metaphorically of course)
  • this band makes me feel like a 13 year old girl. i can't deicede whether this is a good or bad thing
  • These guys are soooo good.


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