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L'énergie chaque Avenus consiste à lier les emo et pop. Début de la bande remonte à 2003, lorsque les membres de David Ryan (chant, piano), Joshua Randall (guitare), Jimmie Deeghan (guitare), Cameron «Cam» Grestiner (basse) et Michael Govaere (batterie) przjechali à Marysville, Michigan en collaboration avec ses chanteurs-Yougoslavie, en tant que gestionnaire a publié deux EP'sy (2004, 2006).

En 2007, ils furent remarqués par le label "Fearless Records" et la même année le label sort un autre de ses EPs… en lire plus

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  • Avatar de IBlewCastles
    Sign to bring back old
  • Avatar de RiasPure
    I always thought this band was really underrated. They were definitely much better than most of their contemporaries.
  • Avatar de StupidCupcake
    Tell Me I'm A Wreck. ♥
  • Avatar de callitallhome
    i felt cheated when they broke up. after their best album, i was hoping they'd get real famous... they didn't and as the whole album points out, they (i think personally dave) missed home and since they were already making world tours (to be honest, they came to south america once and in a festival, but it was a big deal for them and the fans), it fell right into place. since i first heard bad habits, i thought to myself they were tired of touring. but as the break-up news came (i remember i cried. i still don't quite accept it.), i figured they'd still make records together, but tour or not in other projects. it didn't happen and it frustrates me. they were a better band in studio than live (at least from what i've heard in recorded performances) and that's why i think they should stick to an idea like mine. but who knows, maybe they'll get back together... it's a hope.
  • Avatar de Bitard671
    отлично. супер. все дела.
  • Avatar de Bitard671
  • Avatar de JstKeepBreathng
    Guys don't scare me, they didn't break up. They're just working on other projects. So guess they're on hiatus.
  • Avatar de jeanalisson2006
    It's too bad they broke up after releasing what was in my opinion their best release. [2] "We're getting too awesome, guys, let's call it quits" u_u
  • Avatar de winterisbroken
    It's too bad they broke up after releasing what was in my opinion their best release.
  • Avatar de Crazy_Maggot
    guys, we miss

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