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  • Haceme un pibe Eugene~
  • <3
  • Amazing Grace <3
  • Goddamn, Chroma is fucking great [2]
  • Goddamn, Chroma is fucking great
  • seem to be in the minority when i say i prefer the album version of Fairlight, more atmospheric and subtle
  • Downloading right now. I never really liked Fairlight so I'm curious to hear how the new version sounds.
  • Chroma sounds great, just a few minus points on it. Amazing Grace -> Gaz Coombes - Hot Fruit. Still a good song. All in All is not as strong as the others. Why did he do this to Fairlight? [3]
  • why did he do this to Fairlight? [2]
  • why did he do this to Fairlight?
  • new album leak
  • Godiva, holy fuck. IN THE CHAOS OF MY ELATION
  • Newly discovered artist. Cool style
  • Всегда такой разный и удивительный, великолепный Юджин!
  • wish he was more known.. [2]
  • seems like his latest album is as controversial as Arctic Monkey's Suck It And See LOL
  • Love his new style and new album. wish he was more known..
  • great dude
  • Fantastic! I'm so happy to have discovered Eugene's tunes.
  • Harlequinade <3
  • thunderbolt sz
  • I miss the old Eugene :(
  • Love "The Invitation To The Voyage", although not entirely. Hope he will try to remain faitful to himself, don't want to see another talent swallowed by the requirements imposed by recording labels or need for style.
  • Love the Blue Jeans cover!
  • New album has a 'Franz Ferdinand debut' feel about it.
  • Happy B'day, dear Eugene. x [2]
  • Happy B'day, dear Eugene. x
  • I think this is a good direction to gain fans from both the mainstream and the indie audience. Kind of like Lana Del Rey. New album sounds good to me.
  • this the day is stumbled upon Eugene. neverever heard of him b4 today. good day :)
  • 'The Invitation To The Voyage' appears to be the death of the Eugene McGuinness I had incredibly high hopes for the moment I heard 'Monsters In The Bed'. This album, bar a few songs, sounds like a labels vision more then Eugene's... surely the recent image change he had did nothing but project this as a possibility but the stylistic pop on this album is incredibly dull & even lyrically dull, which is one thing I thought I'd never criticise him for! 'Videogame' is staggeringly generic and dull. The intelligent, witty & even heart felt songwriting of old appears to have vacated the building for style.
  • Don't love The Invitation To The Voyage as much as I hoped I would. His first two releases will always remain classics, though. And Lion is amazing.
  • "The Invitation to the Voyage" is brilliant!
  • He's Back !! Can't Wait for "The Invitation to the Voyage" !! WOOO Hoooooo
  • <3
  • Harlequinade:
  • Really love Lana's cover. So much better than the original
  • blue jeans is awesome possum!
  • Blue Jeans is amazing!
  • Hugenious! [2]
  • Hugenious!
  • good
  • I miss the old Eugene. [2]
  • I miss the old Eugene.
  • Eugune come to China plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!a BRILLIANT guy :)
  • русские здесь!
  • This guy is brilliant ! ! amazing music!


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