• 2 or more bands on last.fm have identical name (Last UPD 01.01.2012 )

    3 jan. 2011, 13h40m par Food_For_Cat

  • Why pop music sucks (theoretical proof).

    30 déc. 2010, 0h13m par blackless

    It's not a secret that every musical composition in the most general form can be described by an acoustic formula. For instance, let's consider the following:
    Y = X1 + X2 + X3 + , , , + Xn where Xi is a variable that in a given proportion and succession shows the quantitative form that represents all the acoustic qualities of any composition and let us describe it in musical notes. To go further , two probabilistic concepts should be taken into consideration. Firstly, the more statistical data you have, the easier it is to find out whether there is trend or not. Secondly, if there is a trend you can predict its future data with a certain degree of exactness.
    People often say that pop music is the same. And from the mathematical point of view it's the truth simply because in a given point of time we can find an almost linear relation between the popularity of a given song in general or in a given genre etc and it's acoustic qualities. …
  • Methods of music research can be implemented in methods of studying (may be helpful).

    22 mai 2010, 22h49m par blackless

    I have always been obsessed by music; my ever-growing collection consists of 4000+ artists. Some people would say that it’s not constructive to spend so much time on music as long as time is extremely valuable and usually you can’t create any added value when you listen to music. What’s more, not so long ago I wasn’t good at studying, especially at mathematics. There were two main reasons: firstly, I wasn’t the most talented person ever, secondly, my passion for music often didn’t let me be productive. I even started thinking that something was wrong with me! Lately I’ve been trying to combat the problem and not without success! I think that there are quite a few people with the same problem, that’s why I want to tell you about my simple(?) but effective (at least in my case) method.
    Everything started when I intentionally decided to extend my consciousness in terms of intellectual abilities and later to improve my physical abilities, physique and health in general. …
  • 50 Favorite Death Metal Demos

    2 avr. 2010, 5h48m par Inner_Flame

    I thought I'd share a list of my favorite death metal demos. Old school metal has had a bit of a resurgence lately, but there still isn't much talk about demos. I've only really immersed myself in the genre in the last 6 months, so obviously there is a lot of stuff I still need to hear; this list won't exactly bring anyone to their knees. I'm not looking to impress though, just to help inform. Hopefully it inspires other people to make their own lists...

    No particular order. I left off demos in which all songs on that demo were later put on the same LP. One demo per band, since 50 isn't that many. Death/thrash, death/doom...if it's death, it's eligible for the list

    Burial Vault--The Quest Of Afterlife
    Imprecation--Ceremony Of The Nine Angles
    Necrophobic--Slow Asphyxiation
    RANCID CHRIST--Baptized In Blasphemy
    Abhorrent--Occultus Brujeria
    Exmortis--Descent Into Chaos
    Asystole--Earth Without Christ
    Misery--Astern Diabolus
    Demigod--Unholy Domain
  • some quicky album reviews.Volume 1

    28 mars 2009, 2h34m par TrueMithrandir

    I'm no music critic by any means, this is all just my personal opinions. And yes I have bad grammar, so piss off college boy!

    Sat Feb 07, 2009 2:40 pm

    THE BOTTLE DOOM LAZY BAND - The Beast Must Die (2007)
    THE BOTTLE DOOM LAZY BAND - Blood For The Bloodking (2008)

    When I first saw this band I thought their name was dumb and assumed they were another Witchcraft clone so I avoided. I finally checked out some tracks and was pleasantly surprised. They play Traditional Doom Metal most likely heavily influenced by Electric Wizard. What I like most about this band is the vocals. Its kind of a warbley shout and reminds me a little of the vocalist from Sir Lord Baltimore, his vocal patters almost sound a step faster than the rest of the music, which gives the band a unique sound. …