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    20 mai 2007, 22h31m par desplica

    Another Playlist fortune:

    How does the world see me?

    Song: Theme from the A-Team

    Artist: Mike Post

    Comments: On the run from the government, loved by those in need...hardly true. Or they see me as a chesey 80's tv show, I'll let you decide. I'd have preferred Knight Rider though.

    Will I have a happy life?

    Song: Main Title - Theme from Star Wars and Leia's Nightmare

    Artist: John Williams and Joel McNeely

    Comments: I guess Star Wars has something to do with it. Why me? This is the track from the Shadows of the Empire soundtrack composed by Joel McNeely. My girlfriends' name is Leia...

    What do my friends think of me?

    Song: Love lift us up

    Artist: Joe Cocker

    Comments: How in the hell did that get on my playlist! I'm sure my friends think the same of me sometimes-"where'd the hell he come from?" Atleast I'm a loveable guy.

    Do people secretly lust after me?

    Song: What It Takes

    Artist: Aerosmith