• New CD 'Close to Home'

    7 juin 2014, 11h28m par easyrecords

    It’s been seven years since 'Sweet Oblivion' was released, but in May 2014 Eric Devries' third album ‘Close to Home’ will be hitting the shelves. Was the delay a case of ‘seven years’ bad luck’, or an example of ‘life is what happens while you're busy making other plans’? Neither and both. As the title, 'Close to Home', suggests, this album is his most biographical so far. Love and goodbyes, life and death, regrets and starting over – set against a background of different places and spaces. Devries sings about his hometown Amsterdam in one song, and takes the listener on a road trip through places like Tulsa, Birmingham – and even Jerusalem – in another. The themes that Devries uses to paint a picture in song – at times up close and personal, and others tongue in cheek – are a wry and rocking celebration of life with all its ups and downs. The 70’s singer-songwriter storytelling tradition but with a modern twist.

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