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A Rose For Epona (4:54)


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  • Stumbled upon this band while searching out celtic glad I did! I think they are becoming one of my favorite in this genre. :)
  • Loving this band!
  • Insanely awesome.!
  • Уже полюбил ....)))))))))))
  • <3
  • I'll never get tired of this song <333 [6] This and Alesia are my favourite to sing along with. And remain in my head for a LONG time
  • I'll never get tired of this song <333 [5]
  • Неплохо, вокал красивый и музыка классная
  • Perfeita!!!
  • Потрясающая..)))
  • Отлично!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Both Innocence by Blood Stain Child and the intro of this are based on a traditional folk song.
  • I'll never get tired of this song <333 [4]
  • I'll never get tired of this song <333 [3]
  • I'll never get tired of this song <333 [2]
  • Вещь просто потрясающая!
  • Fuck sake, a band releases a song where they decide to tone down the screaming and actually sing a bit, and people immediately shout "pop music this" and "Eurovision that!" I like that this song is softer and more melody-driven than their usual stuff. There's more to good music than simple heaviness, you know.
  • It smells like Eurovision Song Contest ._. [2] You nail'd it broski
  • I'll never get tired of this song <333
  • I simply love this song!
  • The intro... Sounds a lot like Innocence by Blood Stain Child..??
  • I love this song :)
  • my fav and makes my heart happy...:-)
  • Love it :)
  • Awensome !
  • The song that got me into Eluveitie, I agree they need to do more songs with Anna taking the lead.
  • are u kiddin me Kaltenhoenn ?? [2] folk metal is too heavy for eurov, very good song btw..
  • Would love to see more from Anna in the future!
  • Anna's voice is just beautiful in this song + the harmony of it all, insane !
  • my favorite
  • are u kiddin me Kaltenhoenn ??
  • Stop bitchin about it being a ripp of from Blood Stain Child. Both songs are based on a oooold folk piece, that's why sound kinda similar
  • awesome tune!
  • genial tema <3
  • Great song! And it somehow makes me think of Within Temptation, especially the song In the Middle of the Night, due to the vocals.
  • By far this is Eluveitie's strongest song to date. Anna really should take on a greater portion of the vocal duties. Generic death grunts are great and all, however Anna's unique voice not being utilized is truly a tragedy.
  • what an expression!..
  • ive died n gone to heaven what a fantastic track !!!!!!
  • Anna's voice is absolutely unreal
  • <3
  • yeeah, metropolice :| i hate it if you discover a melody "belonging" to a song in another again... feels kile it's stolen but it is propably not. but that reminds me that blood stain child and eluveitie are like alter egos from parallel universes
  • <3
  • Genial!! Que piezón!! \m/
  • Не ну так не честно мелодию то слизали с Blood Stain Child – Metropolice, и им все лавры?!
  • It does not always need to be that heavy to be good, Eluveitie shows that. I love this song!
  • this song is amazing, I love it
  • So beautiful song it almost makes me cry :'D


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