• Guess these 15 songs by 14 bands.

    2 jan. 2008, 7h05m par teganblue

    My 500 last played songs are on shuffle, and here are the first lines from them.
    Take a guess at the song... but no cheating with Google!

    To help you out, the listen of bands are at the bottom.

    1. "Get out of bed, pick up the phone. Time to tell the press."
    2. "All this time alone, I cannot go home."
    3. "These colours will not change. You change the way I see them."
    4. "If it stayed I'd never leave it. If that turned around I'd grieve.."
    5. "Shut out, pimpled and angry. I quietly tied all my guts into knots."
    6. "In many ways they'll miss the good old days."
    7. "You're walking through the forest where they feed the trees broken glass."
    8. "Midnight workings, weather down the storyline."
    9. "You open your heart, like pandora's locker. Burnt books and notes from this week's stalker."
    10. "I do not understand what it is I've done wrong."
  • A Year In The Life...

    21 oct. 2007, 14h26m par CvaldaVessalis

    Cvalda's Radio Playlist For 2007
    2007 has proved so far to be the year of the false epiphany for me. Though I always try not to be defeatist and pessimistic, certain transgressions with family, friends and work have heralded one of the most challenging years with regards to my personal life. However, one of the most amazingly good things to happen to me this year was a certain someone's introducing me to the wonders of, a web-community held together by the sheer love of music.

    Since logging on in May, I have been able to rustle up more music than ever before, as well as make some good friends along the way. So with this in mind, and knowing that I still have another two months before the year is out, I've put together my playlist of the year so far (saying that, everyone else is advertising for Christmas already, so I'm guessing my journal here isn't too much or a bugbear, eh?). Just bear in mind that I never put myself down as consistent connoisseur of fine music. …