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Waking Up (3:16)


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  • then one thing leads to another..
  • it's the organ at the start..
  • I've still yet to hear the blatant No More Heroe's rip off everyone goes on about. Maybe I'm not paying attention....
  • great one
  • this band is so rad. love the song
  • With a big thank you to The Stranglers No More Heroes......
  • my favourite elastica song 2
  • my favourite elastica song
  • great album
  • Story of my life.
  • It's top.
  • I can relate. This reminds me a little of my teenage days.
  • derivative complaints aside, like it better than either the Stranglers or Wire.
  • People need to stop being such cunts about Elastica. You either enjoy them or you don't, kids.
  • I thought it said "Wanking Up" lol ^-,-^
  • This is pretty good. I'm glad to hear they have more then one good song.
  • No more heroes anymore, eh?
  • great song, so catchy!
  • I hate waking up, but I love 'Waking Up'
  • An anthem for every morning
  • so the resemblance with the stranglers is not just a trick of my mind... and it's possibly what makes me like the song....
  • Amazing album in whole! And yep, very 'borrowed' (esp. Wire), but doesn't stop it from being fabuloso! :-)
  • being closer to the perfect song is virtually impossible.
  • make a cup of tea, put a record on....that´s my morning ritual nearly every fuckin day...and i love it
  • "make a cup of tea, put a record on"... catchy as hell!
  • CHOON!
  • there was no word for it in the last decade but now there is: BASTARD POP. No Fuckin. Offense, Get. It. Straight.
  • I heard the story that the Stranglers' publishers wanted to sue, but the band liked the song and wouldn't let them....
  • waking up
  • ¿se puede empezar mejor un album de debut?
  • Goodnight I'm off to bed
  • ♫♪*♫♪ ♫♪*♫♪ ♫♪*♫♪ ♫♪♫♪*♫♪ ♫♪*♫♪ ♫♪*♫♪ ♫♪♫♪*♫♪
  • Yes the Stranglers publishers sued their asses, not only did the dour Justine have to cough up the dosh but she also had to include the Stranglers in the ownership credits. As well as the Stranglers they also ripped off the band Wire many times, it has been stated that Donna Mathews knew every Wire and Stranglers guitar riffs to perfection and it clearly shows on Elastica tracks.
  • I love that fake-stranglers intro. plus I work very hard / but I'm lazy ;-)
  • not bad
  • mai ascoltati ne valeva la pena grazie last
  • The best track of Elastica imho
  • stunning intro, love it...
  • Love this song!! Its!!
  • didn't the stranglers sue them?
  • i'd work very hard, but i'm lazy...
  • great song, reminds me of been young(er)
  • que som legal!
  • "Split Lips" by Sons & Daughters sounds a lot like this song (both are great!)
  • WakingUp 2008
  • Nunca me canso de esta canción. Es genial, MI FAVORITA!!! Great great song!!
  • great song wowww youth feeling
  • More than a decade later, this song still kicks some major booty. :)
  • We all loved Justine Frischman & her Elastica's nacissist videoclips.
  • muy buena rolita!!


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