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  • nice albums
  • Damn damn good, the outro is from somewhere else. I like to think it's the music of the Children of The Forest, if you're know what I'm talking about.
  • probably my favourite Drudkh i think
  • Some of the best bass playing in black metal, right here.
  • Sunny day black metal.
  • What a great album.
  • Perhaps their finest hour. [2]
  • Probably the best intros and outros in the whole wide world of metal music.
  • this album is more diverse than others and i can see where he was going when he made post-rock album.
  • This album reminds me of summer and long summer nights. Perhaps because it was released in summer but also the album cover and the production which is bright and clear.
  • Perhaps their finest hour.
  • beautiful
  • fuck yeah
  • This is one of their best albums.
  • Meh.
  • love it!
  • The part in Distant Cries of Cranes, where the bass is really audible and prominent is great. And then the whole band comes in so full and rich! That's prime Drudkh. Picked this album up on vinyl yesterday, awesome cover art.
  • I must agree with DreadfulYgg I'm afraid...
  • "Better than Forgotten Legends" you're just being silly.
  • Was a bit iffy about this at the start, but it seriously grew on me. Better than Forgotten Legends
  • Decent
  • im trying to read to this album but it's too god damn good
  • Delicious (yeah, these guys make you say these things about BM albums...)
  • Fantastic album. The audible bass adds a lot to the sound of Drudkh and I really didn't think that anything could be added to that. xD A beautiful album. It's great to see that Drudkh haven't lost any of their brilliance.
  • excellent...gets better with every listen
  • very good
  • TRE !
  • U crane ! DEAD
  • One of the reasons I love this album is because the bass is actually audible.
  • Go to the 2nd song's page and suggest a name's correction to "Distant Cries Of Cranes".
  • Very good music, because it hasn`t black metal`s rude sound.
  • Fantastic music, finally discovered this band and I instantly loves it..
  • On Spotify, yay!
  • Fantastic, as always.
  • Everything Unsaid Before is an awesome track. My favorite from the album.
  • great shit, great shit....
  • Drudkh \m/
  • They need to fix the track names so that plays can be scrobbled for those two songs....
  • It's so fucking good!!!
  • Oh my god, i'm listening for 5 minutes to this and i'm already in love. Drudkh can't make a bad album. It's always pure melancholy. Unbelievable atmosphere.
  • I'm pretty sure that this album will be......... A FUCKING MASTERPIECE.
  • And "Sun Of Great Nations Sits Down"??? This track's called "Decadence".
  • Fuck... another misspelling on It's "Distant Cries Of Cranes", not "Distant Cry Of Cranes".
  • June 22 isn't too far away....I don't think I will be listening to this on Last FM, my computer speakers simply won't do it justice.

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