• The Mash-up genre

    16 fév. 2007, 5h40m par harmz

    Also known as 'bastard pop' 'utter shite' 'cheesy' and 'hilarious' by others.

    You could say I'm a huge fan of mash-ups. They are utterly hilarious when done right.

    Disfunctional DJ's "You're the One that I want in the next episode", which seamlessly mixes Grease and Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg together still ellicits laughing fits from me when I listen to it.

    Sometimes the mash-ups are even superior to the original songs themselves. 'Boulevard of Broken songs' by Party Ben comes to mind.

    It's cheese, but it's enjoyable cheese. Worth checking out if you enjoy that sort of thing.

    Like Instrumental Hip-hop, you have to wade through a lot of shit songs to find good ones.