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  • I love Bitte Orca and Swing Lo Magellan... I tried to listen to Rise above but the opening track was mmm awkward, kinda disturbing... what do you recommend for a pleasant listening on this album?
  • I've been into them for a while but only recently picked up Swing Lo Magellan. I think I've listened to it about 20 times the last couple of weeks. Best thing in my life right now!
  • Such fun to listen to them.
  • Rise up is such a piece of crap
  • finding music like Dirty Projectors is tough... so I made a Spotify playlist if you're looking for more! all tunes are recommended if you like Dirty Projectors: [url=]RIYL // Dirty Projectors[/url]
  • Swing Lo Magellan is such a trip on headphones [4]
  • I am a College Radio DJ!!! - My show is called Merry Go Sound with DJ Nefrettiti ***Merry Go Sound*** AIRS/STREAMS LIVE Saturdayz @ 11pm - 1am (PST - USA)... Broken Beat...Soul - Jazz - Funk - House - Rock - Nerd Hop...that's right Nerd Hop! - check me out....check it out! ******
  • (don't ever) stop being perfect
  • I get goosebumps when I listen to Gun Has No Trigger! It's too good to be true!
  • Swing Lo Magellan is such a trip on headphones [3] when yall are right, yall are right. i have balanced headphones, ZMF modified Fostex T50RP's and Swing Lo is a JOY to listen to.
  • I've been jamming Rise Above a lot lately. It's way better than I thought.
  • love
  • "Offspring Are Blank" is an amazing song.
  • look
  • Really.
  • amber needs to do a solo album
  • In case you didn't know, Amber Coffman is on J. Cole's new album Born Sinner, the track is called "She Knows" and it's awesome!!
  • one of the best acts at gov ball goddamn they killed that shit
  • just saw them live and became more obsessed than i ever thought possible
  • useful chamber is insanely good live
  • Я еще не дослушал, а это уже практически лучшее что я послушал за неделю.
  • Swing Lo Magellan is such a trip on headphones [3]
  • v thanks!
  • @natetastic it's called beautiful mother off of the mount wittenberg orca ep with bjork.
  • So they're the opening act for the national? Well I have to go now.
  • on monday they played a song i haven't heard before, there were ~3 sections to it, all of them structurally the same, and each section kind of crescendoed with amber singing really fast, then all three women doing some "aaaAAAaaa", then a pause (if i'm remembering right). anybody know what song this is / is it new maybe?
  • Swing Lo Magellan is such a trip on headphones [2]
  • Best review so far, imho:
  • For french speakers, Swing lo Magellan review :,7749,swing-lo-magellan.html
  • Swing Lo Magellan is such a trip on headphones haha. They pan different parts of their tracks all over the place. It's awesomely disorienting.
  • But Dirty Projector's aren't giving up their prickly braininess-- after all, the title of the song contains the word "impregnable," which you don’t hear too often in conversation.
  • really preferring Swing Lo to Bitte Orca right now
  • Fall in love with Climax cover at first listen !
  • inspired by the dirtiest of projectors hehe :)
  • been listening to a lot of Rise Above lately, hahaha. I'm scared of listening to Black Flack's Damaged now.
  • SLM, my #1 AOTY
  • lol, what a critics' favorite
  • WHO CARES [2]
  • Swing Lo Magellan is #7 on Ca Va Cool's Best Albums of 2012:
  • albums of the year '12
  • Gosh, I really love them!
  • Swing Lo Magellan is one of my 12 albums of '12:
  • "Swing Lo Magellan" is 19th best album of 2012 according to rankings of Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, NME, Uncut and other publications.. Check it:,_pitchfork,_rolling_stone,_pop_matters,_nme,_stereogum,_paste,_spin,_uncut,_consequence_of_sound.
  • Latest album is genius!
  • Number 8
  • Am I the only one that thinks he sounds a wee bit like the lead singer of The Hives...?
  • This will probably appeal to your interests.
  • Swing Lo Magellan is #2 on Sound Influx's albums of the year list
  • this is weird, but I can't stop listening to it.


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