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  • amazing riff! Mark Knopfler is a legend!
  • totally agree!...
  • just great...
  • Wonderful
  • Love this song so much, can't believe I haven't listened to it in so long.
  • woah, goosebumps!!!
  • one of the best songs ever made
  • It's the guitar that does it.
  • riff and beginning is so great. i love the riff part on the music video, it makes me happy.
  • They have loads of better songs, but the guitar riff is so awesome.
  • I don't know why..I just don't like this one.. hm..
  • PWN
  • Awesome intro
  • A classic
  • سيداتي انساتي، مواقف وطرائف ادور اجمعها لكم من جميع انحاء العالم lol
  • It's just overrated thanks to that video. Hell, I still see that video mentioned sometimes. Great song, but not the best. MTV wore this one out.
  • I agree with you there..
  • for a dire straits song, i think it's overrated. they have so many better songs.
  • Great riff on this song. ;)
  • This is one of the songs that i will always remember.
  • I can't decide whether this or sympathy or the devil is the best song ever...
  • Been my no. 1 favorite song since I first heard it about 15 years ago, and still is, great song!
  • Nice...Seventh hint: Part of an assortment of love songs
  • this song goes great with weed
  • indeed this song just rocks
  • this song may actually be the pinicle of human achievment....
  • zomg <3 this song
  • jestem 1 jestem 1 hhahaaha pozdrro dla 3


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