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The Last In Line

The Last In Line


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  • terrific
  • We Rock! [3]
  • We rock!(2)
  • <3
  • The guitar playing on this record is insane, some of Dio's best work as well.
  • Always liked this one very much. Very good songs on it.
  • Great, fucking album. One of the best Dio albums period. R.I.P Dio.
  • Dio o melhor!!!!!!!!
  • Incredible.
  • R.I.P The King Of Metal....
  • both this and holy diver are amazing. this one though i can listen to all the way through, holy diver, not so much.
  • bought it on tape yesterday, fucking awesome
  • A fantastic album. Just as good as Holy Diver. There isn't a single filler on the album.
  • Ronnie James Dio was one of the best singers of the world!
  • For me, this is a major step down from the majesty of Holy Diver. RJD's vocals are just as incredible as ever, but the lyrics and musical arrangements are remarkably uninspired after such a killer debut solo record. The title track is a classic for a reason and "We Rock" and "I Speed at Night" are blazing highlights, but the rest of the songs are just mediocre. "One Night in the City" and "Egypt (The Chains Are On)" come close to being real winners, but just lack a little bit of the oomph they need to get over the hump. Not bad tunes by any means, but not all-timers. Tracks 6-8 are almost embarrassingly bad.
  • Egypt only would make this album essential for every rock/metal fan, but the rest of the album is one great song after another. DIO at their pinnacle.
  • pedazo de disco,buenisimo!
  • egypt is just a masterpiece... *__* [2] this whole album is fucking great, and i agree with evildeadjedi, it is better than Holy Diver
  • egypt is just a masterpiece... *__*
  • the last in line..........we rock!!!!!!!
  • A little better than Holy Diver.
  • Amazing.
  • putz muito bom esse album... Long live a ronnie james dio!!! Dio não morreu pra nós
  • great album
  • the 2 best songs by them THE LAST IN LINE & EGYPT ( the chains are on )
  • \m/
  • If we're Evil or Divine... WE'RE THE LAST IN LIIIIIIINE!!! \m/
  • É...Esse cara é simplesmente, (O CARA!!! ) Flávio Metal Patente/ Recife/Pe/ Brazil..
  • The best solo album by Ronnie.Absolutley amazing. :)
  • My favorite as well.
  • My favourite Dio album.
  • Maybe my favorite album by DIO. They do rock!
  • I prefer this album over Holy Diver, but I love them both! ^^
  • Better than Holy Diver. Period.
  • I'd say 99,99% :D
  • 99.98% as good as Holy Diver
  • \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ Very nice album! ..

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