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  • Avatar de Sharp-Ton
    You just can't hate a little bit of honey.
  • Avatar de sleepymadman
  • Avatar de soffysoffy
  • Avatar de burgercock
  • Avatar de Nochek
  • Avatar de StephenR4968
    So perfect
  • Avatar de shofie
    <3 perfect!
  • Avatar de DarkMessengerVI
    beautiful song, so perfect.
  • Avatar de TheCreatedVoid1
    R.I.P Chi Cheng. The lyrics fit perfectly. [2]
  • Avatar de rocky0
    R.I.P Chi Cheng. The lyrics fit perfectly.
  • Avatar de stalkass
  • Avatar de kennedyschaller
  • Avatar de SirBor
  • Avatar de Delusion_ru
    100500 out of ten.
  • Avatar de Pirukatz
    Sixteen out of ten.
  • Avatar de Malacia
  • Avatar de Constellation66
    I'll be waving GOOD-BYE!
  • Avatar de razcom
    god dammit.
  • Avatar de AztekHashashin
    I played this one on my father's funeral last year. Amazing song.
  • Avatar de AICfreak95
    Goose bumps.
  • Avatar de ickleeeeee
    Fifteen out of ten.
  • Avatar de TwigletNG
    fourteen out of ten.
  • Avatar de Joekingjoe123
    Best of Deftones! [2] His voice, the piano, the lyrics. Everything is balanced so well.
  • Avatar de donkukis
    thirteen out of ten.
  • Avatar de nirvs44
  • Avatar de 9Nails
    Eleven out of ten.
  • Avatar de hockeymatt2727
    excuse me while i replaster my face after listening to this
  • Avatar de blastshield
    so good.
  • Avatar de andeffs
    great great great song!!
  • Avatar de 5TG
    Blows my mind. Can't get enough. But Deftones are consistently in my top-listened songs, so I'm not surprised. :) (Some pretty wicked fan videos on youtube worth checking out, too.)
  • Avatar de paulamurta
    OMG how far can a human being's voice go? Sometimes i just wanna explode with Chino's vocals.
  • Avatar de pukirocks
  • Avatar de Megatron-1
    Excellent song. Very underrated. I would love to hear it live one day. Deftones' softer songs (Beauty School, Change, Sextape, etc.) always sound amazing live.
  • Avatar de maggit
    Beautiful song. Touching.
  • Avatar de sweatbloodtears
    pure brilliance.
  • Avatar de rafe_space
    unbelieveable amazing track
  • Avatar de digifuk
    amazing song. top track in my book. "i'll be waving, i'll be waving"
  • Avatar de Tenchi0110
  • Avatar de BurnTheLight
    Amazing lyrics.
  • Avatar de Ev1LLL
    Awesome ಠ_ಠ
  • Avatar de Distilled_mind
  • Avatar de Mikepatton16
    Best of Deftones!
  • Avatar de imbecilebychoic
  • Avatar de Kimberly-Jade
    how can anyone not love this? Chino's voice is fucking perfect
  • Avatar de gr4blicht
    different, but i absolutely love it <3
  • Avatar de mrwhite5
    I'll be waving....goodbye. Chino's voice totally makes this song as great as it is.
  • Avatar de headsigh
    This song makes me piss myself
  • Avatar de OllyMon
    I love the slow tracks on this album!
  • Avatar de sxe182
    i've cried so much to this song..haha.
  • Avatar de Belin_Bjs
    Powerful track, just in a different way than most Deftones stuff is - not for better or worse, just different. Best song in the album for me. Deftones with a passion!


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