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  • the song is not bad, the reason for its existence is. but it's no big deal, at least they're honest about it. all is forgiven.
  • haha))) funny))
  • Chino never said this song was bad...they were more pissed off at the label for pressuring them into writing a "hit" and there's just a sort of lame record company-forced stigma behind the making of it which people mistake for "omfg they hate this song so much!!!" it wasn't supposed to be on the album and really doesn't feel right on the album, but as a stand alone its still a good song.
  • So awesome and catchy. Love the hook on this track.
  • The guitar tone in the first ten seconds alone is worth a love.
  • remembers me Rage Against the Machine. lol nice song
  • @noo_dog any song kicking off the album rather than 'Feiticeira' is a mistake, and I'm so glad I don't own the edition of the album featuring this track. However, it's a good song and I think it's best placed on the 'Back to School' EP.
  • завтраааааааааа
  • I like ^^
  • I don't care what people say, this is awesome. [4] Also, I think that its inclusion as the first track on white pony was a good idea - it serves as a strong but not too dense introduction, and foreshadows the gripping conclusion to the album.
  • Honestly don't get the hate. The hook is fucking amazing, and this and Punk Maggit are totally different. The hook is good enough to be used twice. And besides, I have this song to thank for getting me into Deftones.
  • I don't care what people say, this is awesome. [3]
  • in bucharest they didn't play this. yay :D
  • Agreed with Soundservant. I'm sure at this point they could just drop it from the sets if they didn't want to play it. After all, their fans would know most of the stuff they've written is just as good if not better. (Great song, btw)
  • Все кто не любят эту песню, видимо в школе не учились.
  • If this song was a mistake, why is it still included in their setlists?
  • I don't care what people say, this is awesome.
  • This hook is so killer.
  • this is fuckin' rad
  • I used to think this song was fucking awesome when I was first getting into Deftones, but now after listening to everything else they've done, I think it's kinda shitty.
  • Now ///fuck smokin cigareteses
  • BACK TO SCHOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [2]
  • Fuck Yeah!
  • so good!
  • so heavy!
  • Deftones haben witziger Weise einen besoffenen auf irgendeinem Trip hängengebliebenen Sänger, aber ich find es geil!
  • loveeeee this song!!
  • EPIC!!!!! Chino Morenos Voice is totally sick!
  • so old , but still a good song :)
  • "Push back the square, now that you need her, but you don't, so there you go!"
  • what a cute lil track :P
  • A little more bass would made this song perfect ♥
  • their best song
  • rocks so hard
  • I like the deftones, they are very rad indeedy.
  • Yea Pink Maggit is way better that this version.
  • BACK TO SCHOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • we are the leaders of it all
  • yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
  • time to close the book up - freaking great! the video is at:
  • Yeah um, this song owns, for those unaware of this fact!
  • Rol the next pageee...
  • Them are the best
  • pink maggot is like 10000 times better but this song is still sick
  • It's good, but I always get the feeling this is the original, 'cos I heard this way before I heard Pink Maggit. Anyway, Pink Maggit is better. Still, this is a pretty awesome song.
  • <3
  • <3
  • qué buena eh? tiene gancho el temita, y por suerte no está tan explotado como otros clásicos...
  • waaaa


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