• Apologies are all you seem to get from me

    20 jui. 2006, 14h33m par alfvaen

    Post the top fifteen artists/bands according to your profile. State the first song you heard of theirs, How and when you started listening, Then the song that made you fall in love, Finally post your current favourite. I'm going to do it in a fairly loose format, though.

    15. Shriekback

    The first song I heard was undoubtedly Nemesis, which was in rotation on MuchMusic shortly after we got it in 1985. I liked that song, but I really didn't get into them until listening to my brother's copy of Oil and Gold. It was probably Faded Flowers from that album that made me fall in love. It's hard to pick an overall favourite, though--Malaria has grown on my over the years, but they have a lot of great songs on other albums as well.

    14. Thrill Squad

    I actually first heard these guys when they were Go Four 3, and I loved most of their songs. I knew that they had changed their name, and I think I may even have seen part of a video of theirs once, but I don't remember which one. …