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  • No.
  • thanks for the amazing show x
  • they arent bringing the old last fm back
  • Please sign this petition to BRING THE OLD LAST.FM back:
  • bring old last fm back
  • Please, people, sign the petition.
  • "Kintsugi is the closest thing to the old style rawness and power" Wut?? More like polished and mellow. It's OK for what it is but certainly the least interesting of them all. Little Wanderer is the first DCFC song ever I don't like. The chorus is just too cheesy.
  • @bloody-origami stability is my all time fav sad song
  • saw them last night, they were absolutely fantastic. i've been a fan since 2006 back when i was in my early teens, and i finally got to see them live. i was floored by their energy and how the songs were both incredibly joyful and sad at the same time. absolutely incredible, i hope they come back to sydney soon.
  • Best song ever ! [url=] [/url] [url=] [/url] [url=] [/url] [url=] [/url] [url=] [/url] [url=] [/url] [url=] [/url] [url=] [/url] [url=] [/url] [url=] [/url] [url=] [/url] [url=] [/url] [url=] [/url] [url=] [/url] [url=] [/url] [url=] [/url] [url=] [/url] [url=] [/url] [url=] [/url]
  • I can't believe people are dogging Kintsugi. I've been a fan of DCFC since Something About Airplanes, and Kintsugi is the closest thing to the old style rawness and power as we could have ever hoped from this band, while still being an evolution of their sound. It is exactly what the title means,;"Kintsugi." Look it up.
  • Saw them at Salt Lake City the other night. Death Cab was amazing live, so glad they photobooth ! Made my night, a shame Walla left.
  • I just saw them at The Berkeley Greek. Me and my grandma were shouting out Postal Service songs.
  • Black Sun <3
  • I liked Codes and Keys a bit more but Kintsugi is fine. Was expecting to hear Binary Sea live though.
  • @bloody-origami for me it's What Sarah Said. "Love is watching someone die..."
  • They were awesome on Open Source Festival Düsseldorf Galopprennbahn last Saturday!
  • @bloody-origami, as for me, "Summer Skin" and "A Lack of Color" would be correct songs for your question.
  • and suddenly you're sliding your fb down and see a pic of your ex in paris about to watch a show of the band you started digging together yeah
  • Best live performance ever. Love Death Cab so much!
  • Infinitely worse than Codes and Keys.
  • What are their saddest songs?
  • the band's singer voice makes me want to hug him and tell him that everythings gonna be alright
  • They were so great at The Chicago Theatre on Friday night! I'm beyond thrilled I finally got a chance to see my favorite band live!
  • Little Wanderer. Damn <3
  • Ejoying the new album soooo much!
  • samiskywalker >> It's emo so why are you supriced?
  • The new album is a huge move in the right direction!
  • Cool Music
  • Damn I didn't expect to love the new album this much!
  • You're my wanderer
  • Kintsugi is beautiful. [2]
  • "You've Haunted Me All My Life" is incredible. My favorite track on Kintsugi.[2]
  • Infinitely better than Codes and Keys. [2]
  • Misogyny in this video too? Oh, no. Stop it. If a woman doesn't want you she's not cruel. It's her damn right.
  • Dig the new album!
  • Good Help (Is So Hard to Find)!!!
  • Kintsugi does exactly what it's title states it should do. This is the marriage of old art with the evolution that the band has been aiming for. I am a long time fan of DCFC, and I am honored to be gifted with this magnificent work of art!
  • I will possess your heart is somewhat cool.
  • good album
  • Agree with majority of comments, definitely a grower. Binary Sea and Ingenue are wonderful and beautiful.
  • In my recent experience, I'm not sure as much of their work holds up as well after college. Sorry guys :(
  • Kintsugi is beautiful.
  • I love Kintsugi! :)
  • Infinitely better than Codes and Keys. Good. Looks like they're not quite burnt out yet.
  • Kintsugi is definitely a grower.
  • After listening to Kintsugi a few dozen times, I honestly think it's my favorite Death Cab album since Trans.
  • El Dorado ♥


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