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  • Beehive era Sylvian:
  • GOD
  • Hypergraphia is quite the collection - beautiful.
  • Probably a long composition. Exciting!
  • New album 'Playing The School House' by David will be released in September 2015 on Confront Recordings label!
  • пхахахахахахах Крис Ри, в голос!
  • только что наткнулся на него...не плохо пока в одном ряду с Крисом Ри для меня
  • As a devoted fan of David's music these past five years, I'm saddened to hear that SamadhiSound will be closing its doors for good. Hopefully he finds joy in wherever his passions lead him as he moves forward. At any rate, I look forward to the final upcoming release of Hypergraphia. Also, very eloquently stated, @OrphicElysian; I share the same sentiments.
  • rip samadhisound 2003-2015 [2]
  • This is heavenly.
  • rip samadhisound 2003-2015
  • His music delivers me into a place which aids deep contemplation; truly perfect for any introspective soul. I do love some Sylvian and am truly grateful that his music exists. 😊
  • Feliz cumpleaños !!! lo adoro
  • Happy birthday, Sylvian! ♫♫♫ ... ♥♫♥♫♥♫.... ♥♫♫♥♫♪♪♪♥♥♫
  • Gone to Earth, sides C and D.
  • Monster
  • очень крут!
  • Request to remove Official Pictures of David Sylvian.
  • Нащет нового релиза (хорошо что это сайд а не новый альбом мэтра) - часовая шумовая нить и всяческие там атональные вибрации, как такое слушать - большой вопрос, лучше уж просто почитать поэтику Франца в переплете. Не обессудьте.
  • Franz Wright's harrowing poetry and the music works very well together. A great new composition. David and Fennesz are an amazing duo. I just wonder what happened to Stephan Mathieu's contribution to the Kilowatt Hour project. Did he have a falling out with David?
  • David's text reflecting on the new album is at his website [url=]here.[/url]
  • Not just available to pre-order. Immeadiate download with purchase. Excllent news.
  • New CD ready for pre-order: "there's a light that enters houses with no other house in sight"
  • абсолютно охуенен и гениален, хорошо, что его и в бывшем СССР знают, как тут ниже написано
  • Monster.... <3
  • Такими путями создадим русскоязычное сообщество любителей творчества этого прекрасного музыканта))
  • да, мой хитрый план сработал.
  • А тех кто понимает не так уж и мало оказалось...
  • mandybula1995, спасибо, что выражаетесь на своём языке :) olylu, ха..
  • Боооооооооооооооооооог
  • olylu, их проблемы, выражаю свое мнение на своем языке.
  • mandybula1995, вряд ли здесь понимают по-русски.
  • Боженька от мира качественной вне жанровой музыки:)
  • I wish...
  • Happy Birthday Mr. Sylvian!
  • A classy gent.
  • Very nice just enjoy.
  • sings like honeyed sadness
  • Secrets Of The Beehive is SUCH a good album
  • So beautiful.
  • Take only a minute to mark as " flag of abuse " the static official images and to spread this between his friends. Before the accumulation of "harassments", the moderators will not have most option that to eliminate the above mentioned photos, already I it have seen in other sites and we can!
  • Request to remove Official Pictures of David Sylvian.
  • I assumed it was impossible to dethrone Beehive, but lately Blemish, the record I avoided the longest and thought of as the least possible candidate for this, came dangerously close.
  • Do You Know Me Now? is a limited edition single that was released last August. The vinyl can be purchased on the Samadhisound website in addition to a digital download. The title track was recorded as part of an art installation by Phil Collins that David was invited to [url=](full details)[/url]. Other than that, he's been performing live with The Kilowatt Hour at different venues in Italy over the past month. Stephan Mathieu explained [url=]in an interview (3:39)[/url] how there hasn't been any word regarding a new release under this collaboration, although considering that the project is still in its early stages, plans may change in the future. Personally, I would love to experience those performances myself in the form of a full-length album, similar to how Uncommon Deities was somewhat derived from an installation at Punkt.
  • Is he planning to release a new album soon? I mean - what's with "Where's Your Gravity?" and "Do You Know Me Know"?
  • v You're right. Clearly I was on a combination of hallucinogenic drugs when I posted that... and I also still need to watch the other 73 episodes... -_-.
  • @mk741 'Let the Happiness In'? Wasn't it 'For the Love of Life'?


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