11 mars 2011, 11h13m par plumindustries width="200"

    Since the age of 12 i’ve been fascinated by Horror films though it was not until I started making music/sound art that I realised why. I am not overly impressed by the gore and misogyny/misanthropy so much as I am drawn to the soundtracks of horror and terror, which inspire an almost metaphysical reverie.

    Between the years 1999-2007 I produced a number of experimental radio shows on 4ZZZ 102.1FM in Brisbane. In order to avoid the monotony of bland DJ tracklist reproduction I would often use my laptop and Audiomulch software to mix and mash tracks with a variety of sound effect cds.

    Having collected the results it became clear to me that my manipulations and choices were working perpetually towards a form of plotless abstract horror soundscape. Here then is a directors cut of sorts, newly remixed to form an almost seamless scape of ancient mysteries and unknowable terror.

  • "Spiral Scratch" Vinyl Special - Extended Playlist 100809 - 107.3FM

    11 août 2009, 7h44m par Lars_ollo

    In honour of International Vinyl Record Day this Wednesday 12 August, we dedicated this Extended Play to the spiral scratch, that original carrier of recorded sound. All material tonight comes from vinyl records, and we’ve dug out some jewels for you that you cannot hear on any other format, including mummified Canadian electric mandolinist Nash the Slash's Decomposing EP and the sounds of Seattle artist Jesse Paul Miller's Secret Records:
    “Secret Records are cast from found vinyl records in epoxy resin. Found objects are layered in the translucent epoxy as it sets. The resulting epoxy record has inverted grooves. Each Secret Record is unique in appearance and source mold. They are an unknown collaboration. The secret music is now returned to vinyl.” -


    Jesse Paul Miller - Secret Records A
    (“Secret Records” ltd 7inch - 1998, Fire Breathing Turtle)

    Time Machines - 7-Methoxy-b-Carboline (Telepathine)
  • Ctephin opening for Z'EV / Sikhara Expatriot Tour - Friday, May 11th

    19 fév. 2007, 18h04m par anticlock are very, very pleased to announce that Ctephin (with R. Loftiss of The Gray Field Recordings) will be opening for Z'EV and Sikhara on their Expatriot Tour.

    Expatriot Tour
    with Ctephin, Sikhara, Z'EV
    Friday, May 11th
    @ Mooch and Burn
    222 N. Main St. (next to Cain's Ballroom)
    Tulsa, OK

    Since the 1970's, the currently UK -based text/sound artist Z'EV has been at the forefront of the movement that became known as "industrial".

    A precursor even to Neubauten, his brand of scrap-metal/found object percussion originates in intense musical training and background.

    Incorporating traditional methods into his distinctly personal musical vision of sound, Z'EV has consistently produced vital examples of his craft for a host of noted labels including Soleilmoon, C.I.P, Touch and Die Stadt and a commissioned piece for John Zorn's "Radical Jewish Music" series on Tzadik. …