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  • Would the world really be worse off if this album had never existed?

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    I'm talking, of course, about the new David Gray album. Now, I like David Gray- I think he's a great vocalist and good songwriter and ion the past he's delivered some corkers. Okay, so I don't rave on about White Ladder because it didn't really bowl me over all that much, but if it wasn't for that album bringing the DG name to the fore, then the likes of Sell, Sell, Sell and Life In Slow Motion would have passed me by (admitttedly, I also wasn't a huge fan of A New Day At Midnight, for reasons I can no longer remember. I think a relisten is in order).

    But I had the misfortune of listening to the new album Draw The Line, today. And what a dreary disappointment it was too. Aside from maybe Jackdaw and Stella The Artist, there was absolutely nothing on the album to make the listenier sit up and take notice. It really did just seem like DG was merely going through the motions of getting another album out so that the fans and record company could be placated. …
  • David Gray - Be Mine Lyrics

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    Artist: David Gray
    Album: A New Day At Midnight
    Year: 2002
    Title: Be Mine

    From the very first moment I saw you
    That's when I knew
    All the dreams I held in my heart
    Had suddenly come true
    Knock me over stone cold sober
    Not a thing I could say or do
    'Cos baby when I'm walking with you now
    My eyes are so wide
    Like you reached right into my head
    And turned on the light inside
    Turning on the light
    Inside my mind hey

    Come on baby it's all right
    Sunday Monday day or night
    Written blue on white it's plain to see
    Be mine, be mine
    That rainy shiny night or day
    What's the difference anyway
    Honey till your heart belongs to me

    If I had some influence girl
    With the powers that be
    I'd have them fire that arrow at you
    Like they fired it right at me
    And maybe when your heart and soul are burning
    You might see
    That everytime I'm talking with you
    It's always over too soon
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  • A Copycat Am I--Charts for April 16 to April 23

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    I’m blatantly ripping off a new facet of my weekly summary from another Last.FM user. I’m not going to give him credit until the end of the post though, because in his infinite lack of wisdom, he ripped on Dream Theater in the same entry. He might as well have ripped on Dave Matthews Band, the fool! Anyway, on with my plagiarism.

    “ I'm back. This week, I want to take a slightly different spin on the weekly artist shtick. See, I'm noticing something about last.fm. It's uncannily telling about me and my taste in a lot of ways. Maybe not in terms of the overall charts, but from week to week, I look at the artists that sit on the cusp of recognition (i.e. 11 or lower on the weekly chart) and I just go, "Wow... that's pretty damn true. I did listen to them a lot." It's the line bebween listening to an artist a lot, and just under a lot. It's those artists that you listen to enough to apreciate them because they're new, but not so much that they make the top ten. …