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  • Final DFRNT Album before he switches over to the Stillhead moniker.
  • Flow remix pretty good
  • For those that missed it, here's the new DFRNT album:
  • Just perfect!
  • love that deep rolling bass. thanks alex for the chill sounds!
  • Nice 1
  • Охуительное описание.
  • New Album is just great:)
  • for me Metafiction is his best album
  • Big up Alex DFRNT. This man run a lot of quality web pages, two labels and find the time to write awesome tracks too.
  • this is some smooth as fuck dub techno with great touches of post-dubstep and minimalist house ala Luomo's Vocalcity. it sounds kind of like he is searching for his "true" sound, though
  • incredible!
  • Fading is ace, his best work yet
  • @NaturoBoy He has 3 albums now
  • Hi!!!I produce slow melodic dubstep .Free Downloads on my Page cheers
  • Both of his new albums are just completely unreal. Some of the best music ever produced.
  • Fading ++ Most excellent.
  • Nice LP, seems like dub techno is really on the roll lately
  • great chillouts with that new album
  • The new album, Fading, is absolutely terrific.
  • weapon 2010 re edit is the bees knees
  • new album info
  • Everything Alex produces is gold.
  • so amazing
  • one of the best
  • Super sweet.
  • Yeah a lot of heavy but chilled out dubstep is amazing when high. It goes so well with just about anything. Too bad to find much stuff like this you really gotta dig deep into the internet.
  • Some of the best music to listen to while high.
  • Sexy fucking music
  • those chords!!!!
  • Sexiest dubstep sound i ever heard:))))
  • Underrated
  • Tripped (Ital Tek Remix) for me. [2] That track is just wicked good:)))
  • For sure:)))
  • One of the best in the business:)))
  • Epitome and Tripped (Ital Tek Remix) for me.
  • He knows the perfect bass tones. My favorite ones too.
  • lucid sounds
  • +1 for Bristol
  • Love your stuff, and your superb 'Insights' podcast. Hope to see you headlining in Bristol some day!
  • Great atmospheric tunes and his label "Echodub" is amazing!
  • Metafiction is money. Great record
  • new album is smoooooth.
  • Amen, just bought Metafiction and Emotional Response, both great albums!
  • Metafiction is a must have, what a massive Album, you can listen to it in any occasion:)))
  • After listening to the first 2 tracks by him, i have to say he knows what he is doing, very nice chill dubstep:)))
  • I'm listening to new album right now...and You know what?? It's very very good :)
  • DFRNT brilliant


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