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  • Avatar de vidarth
    @ZachargyG: Im not that cruel, that was unintentional lol :P Dean has teased about the possible 2017 tour on their official FB if you dig enough in the comments of his posts. Hopefully it'll work this time, because knowing how hard is to convince Toni, it seems very uncertain. Would love to see their reform and make music again.
  • Avatar de ZachargyG
    His wink face next to his 2017 reformation statement makes me think he's just looking to crush some souls
  • Avatar de MarkoB87
    @vidarth: Where did you get this?
  • Avatar de vidarth
    There are rumours about their reforming in 2017...;)
  • Avatar de clash_vinny
    best 2015 discovery, cannot understand why took me so long to know them
  • Avatar de halluz1nogen
    I love Tony :)
  • Avatar de G4CKT
    Go Trump! USA 2016
  • Avatar de Dnlphnv
    Amazing band.
  • Avatar de DeValanten
    Aww, Toni! Such a fierce and passionate british lady!
  • Avatar de RussellChap
    RussellChap The Eurythmics of 'Shoegaze'.
  • Avatar de MarkoB87
    Love this band so much. I still hope that they will come to their senses and release some new material in the near future.
  • Avatar de alin1
    @emilmoo: What a stupid elitist attitude. Somebody forces you to listen to just one band from these two (Curve and Garbage)? Not counting that there are very few bands like them.
  • Avatar de thenearestdoor
    found doppelganger at my local record for 5 bucks. hands down the best CD find this year. great album
  • Avatar de akerbeltz
    I'm fascinated by them. Incredible!
  • Avatar de halluz1nogen
  • Avatar de TimaSliwinski
    new -
  • Avatar de lucaslups
    Flawless band.
  • Avatar de Rud-Johns
  • Avatar de halluz1nogen
    Вот это да!
  • Avatar de emilmoo
    As soon as I heard Already Yours it became apparent to me that I'll never listen to Garbage again. Curve sounds like a superior version of that band to be honest.
  • Avatar de Logicwax
    How...HOW did I completely miss this band in the 90s?!!! I must have been too busy freaking out over nin/sneaker pimps back then or something. But wow....this is like discovering a favorite band from the 90s from another life.
  • Avatar de yakkowarner
    I love Garbage, but they owe Curve a big debt, surely...
  • Avatar de Sqvoll91
    Обожаю эту группу, мощные гитарные композиции, атмосферные электронные, секси-вокал Тони, интересные композиторские ходы от Дина Гарсии. По мне, самая недооцененная группа 90-ых, хотя и считается культовой.
  • Avatar de CornishGhost
    i fucking miss this band
  • Avatar de Nekrovoor
    Love this.
  • Avatar de mellohippo
    Damn, I hate to say this but SPC ECO has nothing on Curve. There's something so "loose" and cool about this band. Such nostalgia..
  • Avatar de glitteryteacup
    Curve are one of the most underrated bands of all time. [14]
  • Avatar de LiamVIII
    Maybe the best band I've discovered this year.
  • Avatar de Cylob
    Love the current picture. Looks like Dean has lost his wallet.
  • Avatar de wheresyourblues
  • Avatar de alin1
    Please vote this excellent picture:
  • Avatar de sarinasingh
    doppelganger is crazy good
  • Avatar de mark4all
    Why it`s so sad? Whatever, no one will delete this badass music )
  • Avatar de diogoxara
    Curve are one of the most underrated bands of all time - so sad and true.
  • Avatar de pdetestable
  • Avatar de Cylob
    Shoegaze of the 90's - What are the 10 albums you should own? [url=]Join the debate![/url]
  • Avatar de Cylob
    it doesn't get much better, does it? [2]
  • Avatar de Cylob
    What are your [url=]top 3 Curve tracks?[/url]
  • Avatar de candylove
    Curve are one of the most underrated bands of all time.[12]
  • Avatar de Rud-Johns
    Curve are one of the most underrated bands of all time.[11]
  • Avatar de Amrabart
    it doesn't get much better, does it?
  • Avatar de mark4all
    A W E S O M E
  • Avatar de PodobajSieNam
    Can't stop listening to this. This is my love.
  • Avatar de Flohrjahn
    I can't help but think of 1990's college comedy movies while listenig to this band.
  • Avatar de Seijitsu06
    Curve are one of the most underrated bands of all time.[10]
  • Avatar de aquaticdeath
    Curve are one of the most underrated bands of all time.[9]
  • Avatar de alin1
    Check the new electronic project [artist]BOFC[/artist] by Dean Garcia (music, programming, production) and his daughter Rose Berlin (vocals, lyrics). They released the album "The Art of Pop":
  • Avatar de rusty_ronin
    Fait Accompli
  • Avatar de DeValanten
    Damn talented duo: like a synthesis of Jesus and Mary Chain with Cocteau Twins, with cool own ideas at electronic field and atmospheric arrangements! Definitely, one of the most underrated 90's bands.
  • Avatar de OxygenThief2468
    Curve are one of the most underrated bands of all time.[8]


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