• Woefully under-appreciated

    2 nov. 2007, 13h11m par davisford

    Honeymoon Killers (not the Belgian band) were a great band. They were fantastically successful in defining gutter trash rock. Unfortunately, not many people listen to gutter trash rock :)

    Part of the problem is that most of their albums are OOP, and have been soon after they were released. I managed to buy them all on vinyl and many years ago, I ripped them proper to mp3.

    Bands like Pussy Galore, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Boss Hog get so much more attention, but quite frankly, HK do it all better. You'll find a slightly more polished, but similar sound in Chrome Cranks (also with Jerry Teel), and even bands like Lubricated Goat or Crunt.

    Their best sound is that old-timey monster music sound with super fuzzed out guitars, and red-lining the distortion with a good beat.

    The Cramps? C'mon...they don't even compare. If you remove all the (good) distortion and sloppiness, and replace Teel's scratchy, distorted vocals with VOX that sound like someone who's got a radio-voice, then yeah, after that. …