• 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die - The 1960's

    21 mars 2011, 23h26m par darren86

  • [88] Cream – Disraeli Gears (1967)

    11 fév. 2009, 22h58m par Llorenza

    CreamDisraeli Gears

    Two years ago I saw a documentary on the history of rock music (The Seven Ages of Rock, why don't they bring that out on dvd?!) and when they discussed Cream, I thought "Wow that sounds great, I should check it out!". But I forgot. Fortunately I'm now catching up and discovering what I should have listened to two years ago. My first impression was right, you see. Of course you can't expect less of the "first supergroup", consisting of supermen Eric Clapton (guitar!), Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker. But as I only know Eric Clapton, the term "supergroup" doesn't mean very much to me.

    Now, what does mean much to me? Excellent guitar music of course. The greatness of a decent guitar solo can be measured by how much I turn up the volume, how much I jump around the room like a maniac (making terrible air guitar gestures) and, if there's still some energy left, by the amount of head banging (in a slightly more elegant form, I am after all a girl). …
  • CD Reviews - Jan 4 2006

    3 jan. 2006, 22h02m par dan_the_bassist

    The Fiery Furnaces

    Blueberry Boat

    1. Quay Cur - Love this song. 10 minutes of madness which occasionally goes back to a sort of main riffand narrative. Loads of eccentric keyboard effects etc.

    2.Straight Street - One of the best songs on the album with great rhythm and a great kind of slow swingy chorus.

    3. Blueberry Boat - My favourite song from the album, has a really catchy piano bit in the middle and a rather sinister riff at the start and through most of it with loads of great effects. Great lyrics about a boat carrying blueberries being attacked by pirates.

    4.Chris Michaels - Another great catchy song with loads of different sections in it. It amazes me how much variety this band has to offer in each song.

    5.Paw Paw Tree - A slower song which starts off with a bit of a 'talking drum' and goes into a cool sort of jangly clam song but with a slightly manic guitar playing in the background.

    6. My Dog Was Lost but Now He's Found - Really great catchy song about the loss and recovery of a well-loved pet. …