• ending the year

    17 déc. 2009, 11h15m par journalkeeper

    it's so interesting to see how my musical taste have changed since the last time i've been on here.

    as far as christian music goes: i still love gospel but i'm also into CCM, Christian Rock, and my heart will always will be worship. slowly but surely getting into Holy Hip Hop (can't really because i feel there's a lack of creativity still in that area) but Soft Spoken Prophet, B-Phraze and Canton Jones (well he's more urban) have given me some hope.

    as far as CCM is concerned I'm LOVING Kim Walker, Jesus Culture, and Cory Asbury.

    However in gospel music what is kind of frightening me is the integrity issues and "Christians" response to it. People must realize that gifts and callings are without repentance however the heart, motives, and flesh have to always be in check and God has a funny way of revealing the inners of someone. Okay, let me stop. (Also - what does that say about you spreading the news and not praying for them. …