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  • Masterpiece !!!
  • beautiful
  • One of their best
  • I've always loved this song, and I definitely prefer this era of the band along with Parachutes more than present day. They have some of the best b-side material of any band.
  • Easily one of their best.
  • ----<--:{)
  • @-->----
  • Maybe their best.
  • Old coldplay why they don't play this song now..
  • <3
  • Combine it with RainyMood ;)
  • So delicate and lovely!
  • Love It!
  • Aways puts a smile on my face. Cute as hell
  • My favorite Coldplay song by far.
  • I'll be doing my best, and I'll see you soon.
  • kooocham!
  • fav song right now
  • This song is pure genius!!! Love Coldplay, but this one makes it among the group of favorite favorites!!
  • gorgeous song...
  • Perfect. Coldplay's genuis shocks me.
  • Not underrated, but the best song they have ever released. 1200 plays and counting. No other song, ever, has been like this one for me.
  • favourite coldplay song [4] and SUCH an underrated song [4]
  • SUCH an underrated song [3]
  • I'll see you soon ♥
  • It's the most wonderful Coldplay Track and after this, it got more worse with every release. love this.
  • this perfect song needed to be included in some official cd
  • SUCH an underrated song [2] such a beautiful song, and not so known... Coldplay at their best. [2]
  • lovelovelove *_*
  • best
  • i love it <3 beautiful [2]
  • i love it <3 beautiful
  • favorite coldplay song [3]
  • such an underrated song
  • @Idizzen they already made one live version! You can find it on 'Coldplay Live 2003'
  • I love this song. Coldplay at their best.
  • favorite coldplay song [2]
  • favorite coldplay song
  • *tears*
  • love it...........
  • I like the slower live 2003 version better
  • )': by the end of this song ima need some anti-depressants
  • they need to bring this back to their live shows.
  • This song is for my grandmother. I miss her so!
  • <3
  • einfach nur schön...


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